3M Envision Wraps Are Environmentally Friendly!

There are now eco-friendly solutions for all aspects of your enterprise whether you are a conservationist yourself or you run a business that markets to consumers committed to saving the environment. Since many individuals are basing their buying decisions on your company’s commitment to the planet, it is crucial that you do your part for Mother Nature. This includes using environmentally-friendly signs. Fortunately, G-Force Signs & Graphics are the green signage experts. This is especially true when it comes to 3M vehicle wraps in South Windsor CT.

Pick the Sustainable Option

3M Envision wraps are environmentally friendly3M is one of the world’s best vinyl manufacturers. And, you would have a tough time trying to find a signage material more versatile than vinyl. From floor graphics and vehicle wraps to window graphics and wall murals, 3M provides vinyl films for a wide array of applications.

You can now take advantage of this outstanding marketing material with an eco-friendly alternative. 3M recently introduced their Envision line of vinyl films, and they are already receiving praise throughout the signage world. They go beyond just being PVC-free. They are able to outperform several of the industry mainstays with their cutting edge boost in a variety of characteristics.

Envision Graphics Do More than Protect the Environment

3M Envision wraps are environmentally friendlyThere are many state-of-the-art innovations that make 3M vinyl films world famous. These include slideability, Comply v3 Adhesive air release channels, heated film recovery, exceptional print quality, and repositionability. All of these characteristics and more can be found in the Envision wrap films. They also have the following:

High Conformability – Wraps occasionally exhibit lifting during the first couple days after installation. This is not incredibly common with most films, but since Envision vinyl films stretch to 150 percent, lifting never occurs. Plus, they conform on demand. That is, the stretching only happens during installation when we want it to. Consequently, this film will be a better fit for your car’s contours.

Fast Removability – Envision vinyl films will not tear or come off in small pieces thanks to their durability. When you want a change of scenery or when the day comes to sell your car, the greater tensile strength of these wraps will make for an easy, clean removal. You should still rely on the professionals for this task, but this means we will not need your vehicle for the whole day: just a couple hours.

3M vehicle wraps in South Windsor CTExceptional Clarity – During installation, there is much-improved resistance to scratching with the new Envision Gloss Wrap Overlaminate. Consequently, there will not be unsightly squeegee scratches left over during the first couple days of having your wrap. Instead, it will immediately begin to garner attention.

High Durability – Our clients come to us expecting eye-catching graphics that will last for many years. Thankfully, this is a standard feature with 3M Envision. The vinyl guards against ultraviolet rays, extreme temperatures, water, and acid dew. It also comes with a warranty.

This is just a snapshot of the many ways 3M Envision wraps are environmentally friendly. If you want to take advantage of this vinyl solution, contact the friendly professionals at G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.

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