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5 Tips to a Surefire Stand Out Trade Show Display

Trade Show Display

Your business relies on annual trade shows to grow.

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to boost brand recognition, target more consumers and possibly find vendor referrals. However, depending on the size of the show, you might compete against a handful to hundreds of other companies.

5 Guaranteed Ways to Promote Your Business More Effectively at Trade Shows

  1. Dress Fun and Quirky

How you are dressed is just as important as your display. Wear something fun, colorful, and quirky that makes you stand out. Avoid the traditional khaki pants and professional dress attire. Instead, be fun.

  1. Incorporate a Gimmick

Gimmicks are a good way to stand out, and they attract people to your booth. Consider adding a game that comes with a prize—even if the prize is a branded pencil.

  1. Freebies are a Must

Never attend a trade show without free giveaways. Whether you give away cupcakes to sample from your bakery or free, reusable shopping bags with your company logo, a freebie always makes you more memorable.

  1. Educate Staff Well Before the Show

Even if employees have worked with you for years, they might not be prepared for in-person sales. Ensure all team members are keen on the details of your products/services you are promoting, any specials that come from the event, and so forth.

  1. Use Powerful Colors

Certain colors affect purchase decisions. Therefore, you want to use these colors in your trade show displays.

Red is an excellent color choice because it increases heart rate, which is why it is common on clearance signs. When selling luxury products, stick to the sophisticated, sleek color of black. Also, if you are targeting a specific consumer type, use the right colors. Impulse shoppers respond more to orange, black and royal blue, while budget-savvy buyers draw toward teal and navy blue colors.

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