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ADA Signage: Deringer-Ney

ADA Compliant Signs at G-Force Signs

ADA compliant signage means more than adding braille and raised lettering.

Deringer-Ney Inc recently moved to a new state of the art facility designed and built specifically to meet their present and future needs. (Details on their move can be found on the Deringer-Ney website.)

As part of this move, they required ADA-compliant signage.

What makes a sign ADA-compliant?

In a nut-shell, to be ADA-compliant, a sign needs to have raised lettering, braille, and the letters need to be at least 5/8″ tall.  Where the sign is installed is another factor of compliance.  For example, there are thresholds for lowest-point and highest-point mounting.  Plus the sign must be mounted to a wall on the latch-side of the door – there are exceptions for when there is no possible way to mount in the specified location.

We will be cover in more detail regulations concerning ADA-compliant signage in a follow-up article, “Top-5 Things to Know About ADA-Compliant Signage

The Installation at Deringer-Ney

For Deringer-Ney, we installed ADA-compliant exit signs on all exterior exits.  This installation was required to receive a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) from the town.

The following pictures show the installation location of these signs.

Deringer Ney ADA Compliant Exit Sign 1  Deringer Ney ADA Compliant Exit Sign 4

Deringer Ney ADA Compliant Exit Sign 3 Deringer Ney ADA Compliant Exit Sign 2

Who is Deringer-Ney?

The company invents specialty alloys and produce precision manufactured parts.  Their products can be found in appliances, automobiles, sensors, electronics, switches, and many other devices found and used around the world.

Their custom alloys have expanded capabilities in neurostimulation, medical diagnostics, implantable devices, plus more.

With an amazing R&D department, the business continues to invent and innovate.  You can view some of their products and capabilities on their website.

ADA signage for your business

If you have concerns about ADA-compliance, contact us.  We have the experience with ADA-compliance and will work with your business to ensure your business signs are compliant with the ADA law.  If you want to jump into the ADA law, feel free to read any releveant government ADA document on the ADA site.

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