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Beginner’s Guide to Effect Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics, South WIndsor, CT

Wall graphics serve as a solution to many interior design issues. Whether you are renting a space but want different wall colors or are looking to showcase your products right on the wall, we can help. Our team has the design experience to turn any vision into an adhesive wall graphic that is simple to install and easy to remove.

With our options in wall graphics, you can transform a space without a permanent commitment. Whether you want to spruce up a baby room or are looking for solutions for your retail space or office, we have the creative eye to stay true to your vision. However, getting started can seem daunting. Rather than trying to figure it all out at once, there are a few basics that make designing these graphics an easier process.

The Basics

Our professionals already have the knowledge and experience to make your wall graphics standout, but here are a few considerations for our first-time customers looking to make a design change in their space.


This is arguably the most important thing when planning out a new wall graphic project. Where the graphic will be placed can open up options for design and inspire how to create the graphic. For instance, if you want to put a tree into a nursery, whether it will be on its own bigger wall or in the corner of a room will determine how the branches will turn.


Before much else can be done, a purpose should be defined. For instance, there is a big difference between how an owl will look depending on its placement. In an office setting, a more artistic owl would be used. However, for a child’s room, a whimsical, fun owl would be much more appropriate.


With the purpose in mind, color should be relatively easy to select. If it is a child’s room, choosing their favorite colors or colors that go with the existing décor works the best. For an office or retail space, the purpose and brand colors should be considered. For instance, if you are showcasing products, sticking with your brand colors for text and additional graphics makes good sense. However, if you are making a reception area pop out more, choosing more welcoming and calm colors could have a much better effect, given they don’t take away from your brand colors.

If you have a wall graphic venture in mind, contact us today. Our professionals are standing by to help guide you through your exciting new development.

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