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What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Graphics in West Hartford CT?

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You will instantly have an army of mobile billboards working to brand your business when you wrap your work vehicles with graphics. Thanks to their versatility and affordability, more organizations are turning to these visual branding solutions. Today, we will explore why you would install vehicle graphics in West Hartford CT.

The Facts Don’t Lie

vehicle graphics in West Hartford CT If you are like us, you prefer to look at the cold, hard facts when making your business decisions. So, that is what we will give you. The two most memorable types of media are television advertisements and vehicle graphics according to a recent study by Cox Communications/Eagle Research. In addition, vehicle wraps are the most unique marketing method in the industry according to half of the respondents to the survey. Here are some more numbers for you to consider:

  • Compared to all other advertising outlets, vehicle wraps reach more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions.
  • For every dollar you spend on wraps, you reach 2,500 individuals.
  • On average, you will reach 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day as you travel the roads of Connecticut.
  • Cars in the United States pass an average of nine million vehicles and travel 15,000 miles per year.
  • Vehicle graphics build name recognition fifteen times great than any other type of outdoor advertising.

Varieties of Vehicle Graphics

vehicle graphics in West Hartford CTEssentially, whether your business is big or small, one of the smartest ways to get your name in front of as many eyes as possible is with vehicle graphics in West Hartford CT. Consider the following options:

Full Vehicle Wraps – If you want to catch the attention of everyone on the road, full wraps are the way to go. These graphics are one of our most expensive alternatives, but they get the job done.

Truck Lettering – We actually just got done with a project for a West Hartford painting contractor that involved truck lettering. If you follow the link, you can see that vinyl lettering comes in all sorts of fonts, sizes, and colors. This is the most cost-effective way to put your business’s contact information and name on your fleet.

vehicle graphics in West Hartford CTPerforated Window Vinyl – We also supplied the painting contractor with perforated window vinyl for the back windows of their RAM ProMaster van. This vinyl adhesive film continues your marketing message on your windows without obscuring the view out.

Partial Vehicle Wraps – A partial wrap that covers just part of the vehicle is an excellent choice for larger automobiles. You can achieve the look of a full wrap with a partial wrap that complements your car’s color.

Spot Graphics – Also referred to as vinyl decals, spot graphics are an affordable way to put your business’s logo on your fleet. They can also highlight your top-selling services and products.

Vehicle wraps not only give you all of the benefits listed above, they are also more budget-friendly than a custom paint job. Plus, your wrap can be easily removed when the time comes to sell your van. For a free consultation on vehicle graphics, contact the friendly professionals at G-Force Signs & Graphics today.

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