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South Windsor, CT – Between Rounds Advertises New Summer Specials with Lawn Signs

Lawn Signs in South Windsor, CT

Lawn signs are a great, inexpensive way to advertise a service or product, make people aware of an event or promote your business. They are extremely versatile for a multitude of uses all year round and can be placed almost anywhere. Between Rounds realized this, so they contacted G-Force Signs & Graphics for lawn signs for advertising in South Windsor, CT.

What Is Between Rounds?


Lawn Signs in South Windsor, CT

Between Rounds has four locations throughout central Connecticut: South Windsor, Vernon, Manchester and Tolland. Between Rounds Bakery Sandwich Café has been in business for many years. Whether it’s a freshly made bagel, a stuffed deli sandwich, a cup of coffee, or an event you wish to cater, They have you covered.

When an organization that does so much to provide quality meals and beverages to the local community contacted us for lawn signs in South Windsor, CT, we were honored to be of assistance. They needed an affordable way to advertise their products. Fortunately, they contacted the right sign shop!

What We Did for Between Rounds


Lawn Signs in South Windsor, CT

First, we spoke with Between Rounds to discuss what they had in mind for their project. They wanted signs to put on the side of the drive-through to advertise the summer specials and to keep the message simple and inexpensive. So, we recommended one of the most affordable freestanding signs on the market: lawn signs. The client thought that sounded great, and once they sent us the designs, we got down to work fabricating the markers.

Each design was digitally printed on both sides of each corrugated plastic sign. For each sign, we provided an H-shaped wire frame that is easy to stake into the ground. In the end, Between Rounds was thrilled with the job we did. These signs are sure to pay for themselves quickly with the increase of sales of the advertised products.


Where Are Lawn Signs Used?


Lawn Signs in South Windsor, CT

You can get permission to install your lawn signs in the following spots:

On the property of local celebrities and high-profile organization to demonstrate endorsement

 • The yards of homes where you have done work

 • The specific neighborhoods where you customers live, work, or play

 • In other municipalities to direct traffic to your website

 • Near busy street corners

Additionally, you should track where you distribute your yard signs, and every so often, drive around to make sure they are still there. Be sure to check with your town as well to see the town ordinances. These markers may disappear once in a while. Thankfully, they don’t cost much to replace.

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