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Dimensional Letters, Post and Panel Sign, West Hartford, CT

Visual elements are key when it comes to attracting customers to your business. Attractive business signs are useful marketing tools and can act as a salesperson for the business. New businesses need help when it comes to creating post and panel signs. We like to treat these cases uniquely ensuring that the client gets a custom panel sign that they like and are satisfied with to cement their brand identity.

Importance Of Business Signs

At G-Force Signs & Graphics, we understand the importance of business signs. They help draw the attention of the customer while differentiating you from the rest. Signs are used in reaching many potential customers. For the case of Balos Estiatorio, their restaurant sign would be a marketing point as well as being a means of inviting people to come in and sample their cuisine. We had to ensure that the tone on the inside matched the one on the sign outside the restaurant. Our client had a problem and we provided a solution.

Authentic Greek Cuisine

Balos Estiatorio is an amazing Greek restaurant in West Hartford, Connecticut that offers fresh Greek seafood. Balos is a Greek word meaning ‘on top of the sea’. When they approached us to work on their restaurant sign, we worked our best on ensuring that the sign on the outside presented the same feel of their interior décor. Balos Estiatorio is a new business and when they needed a problem solved, we did our very best to ensure that their brand identity outside matched the one on the inside as well.

Time To Make A StatementPost and Panel Sign in West Hartford CT

When approaching G-Force Signs & Graphics with their request, the client mentioned that he was looking for the right sign to fit their business. They had approached other companies in the area seeking a solution but was not completely convinced initially. We were tasked with complementing the look and feel of the authenticity of the restaurant. With it being a new business, we knew that we had to find a way to solidify his brand identity making his case a special one. It was time to make a statement using a custom sign panel.

There Is Always A Solution

The client had their old posts, caps, and bases in good condition and preferred that they were used to create the business sign that would, in the end, complement the look and feel of the business. The whole concept behind the feel of the décor was to make the restaurant customers feel as though they had been transported to Greece by bringing a small piece of culture that they could visit in West Hartford. While most people would have suggested that they work with a quick lightbox solution, we took in the details of their business and used them to our advantage to ensure we gave the client exactly what they needed.

A Memorable Design

As part of the solution to his problem, the client wanted the inclusion of the color that was on their business logo. This would help with reinforcing their brand. The sign would be visible to anyone every day and thus the logo being a part of it was important. The logo was not the end of it all as we needed to come up with something attractive and memorable thus making a lasting impression as required. This would help with improving the recognition of the business and is a key component of small business branding.

Interior versus Exterior

Being a Greek restaurant, his interior décor used a Greek-style stucco finish. This was a key element for the restaurant sign we were to create. Taking into consideration the logo and its colors, the letters on the business sign had to match to allow for a proper finish. Small business branding can sometimes be handled as an easy solution without hearing out the client. In our case, we ensured that the brand identity was not lost and that the client was happy with the final product by treating their business as a unique entity.

Post and Panel Sign in West Hartford CT

Final Signage

A 3” deep stucco style finish on the panel sign was the final product. Using ¼” aluminum to create the letters, we then painted them cyan to match the logo and the name of the restaurant as intended by the client. Upon seeing the signage, one would instantly visualize the sea just as viewed from the beach named Balos. This also went in line with the feel given by the restaurant’s website as the colors are predominantly similar. The sign was then mounted on ½” standoffs which allowed accent lighting to create a drop shadow behind the text.

Fresh And Clean Look

We finally masked and repainted the existing post in use as preferred by the client to finish off the look. This gave the restaurant a proper feel of being authentic and unique. With the client satisfied with the complete product and their approval, we could then write this off as a job well done to the client’s expectations. The brand identity for Balos Estiatorio was now well complemented with the signage outside giving customers a feel of what the inside of the restaurant would look like. The client was appreciative of the final product and the way we at G-Force Signs & Graphics handled his project. We did not try to fit his business into a simple “off the shelf solution” but instead worked to provide a solid brand identity for Balos Estiatorio.

Discover The Authenticity

G-Force Signs & Graphics strives to provide clients with custom panel signs as requested. If you present us with your vision and a problem that needs solving, we will work with you to ensure that your business branding needs are met as required. Giving a brand identity to this client was fulfilling and we worked to make certain that the feel on the outside of the building matched the one on the inside. If you ever find yourself in Connecticut and in need of seafood, try sampling something authentically Greek and fresh from Balos Estiatorio. The inside matches the outside with a Greek-style stucco finish on the décor and signage. For more information on this lovely restaurant, visit to discover the fresh taste of Greek seafood.

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