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Consider Affordable Lightbox Cabinet Signs in South Windsor CT

lightbox cabinet signs in South Windsor CT

If you need a high return on investment for your small marketing budget, customers have a difficult time finding your store, or if the buildings surrounding your enterprise are blocking you out, you may want to consider lightbox cabinet signs. Fortunately, G-Force Signs & Graphics is one of the top providers of lightbox cabinet signs in South Windsor CT. Let’s take a look at what is possible with these markers.

What Are Lightbox Cabinet Signs?

lightbox cabinet signs in South Windsor CTAlso known as electrical cabinet signs or illuminated cabinets, lightbox cabinet signs are manufactured from high-quality electrical components and extruded aluminum. A durable, car-grade paint and powder coating are applied to the cabinet to protect it from the harsh Connecticut elements. These signs get their signature look from the plastic or acrylic push through faces. You may want to consider vacuum formed faces for even more durability.

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are the best illumination source for these signs. LEDs have come down in price quite a bit in recent years, and any additional cost for this lighting option is quickly recovered as you save money on maintenance costs and lower electric bills. Plus, your LEDs will last you for up to ten years of nonstop use. This makes them an environmentally-friendly choice. In addition, the brightness of LEDs remains unaffected by low temperatures, unlike neon signs.

Electrical Cabinet Sign Options

lightbox cabinet signs in South Windsor CTThere are many different types of lightbox cabinet signs in South Windsor CT. The three most popular styles are:

Cabinet Building Signs – Buildings signs are essentially any signs mounted directly to the façade of your building. The most common variety of cabinet building sign is one-sided, flat-mounted lightbox cabinets. To really get consumers’ attention, we apply digitally printed vinyl featuring your branding and sharp graphics to the acrylic face of the illuminated cabinet.

Pylon Cabinet Signs – Rise above your competitors with pylon and pole signs. These markers serve an array of purposes from informational, primary site identification, and directional uses. They make a strong statement and are highly visible. If your organization is located along a busy freeway, this is your ideal sign.

Monument Signs with Illuminated Cabinets – Non-illuminated monument signs are a pretty common sight by the entrances to local businesses’ parking lots. Illuminated cabinet monument signs serve the same purpose. With this solution, clients will have an easier time finding your facility. This is particularly true if your company does business at night.

Should You Install Lightbox Cabinet Signs?

lightbox cabinet signs in South Windsor CTIf you are still on the fence about whether you want lightbox cabinet signs for your enterprise, consider the following:

  • Cabinet signs can be personalized to fit your needs no matter what shape or size you want
  • They allow your business to catch consumers’ eyes 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • If your company ever relocates, you can simply move the lightbox cabinet with you
  • These markers can last you for decades
  • There are numerous display options

Please consider contacting G-Force Signs & Graphics for a free estimate if you are in need of lightbox cabinet signs.

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