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Whether you run an office complex, a retail store, or an industrial plant, you must have the right signs in place to help new clients and other guests find your venue while exposing the community to your branding. You could turn to online suppliers for your exterior signage, but when you do this, you often times end up with an inferior product that you have to install yourself. Plus, you are limited in your custom options, and the finished product does not last long in the Connecticut weather.

Fortunately, G-Force Signs & Graphics can manufacture custom exterior signs for businesses in South Windsor CT. Here are a few of the solutions that we get the most requests for:

Channel Letters Match Your Company’s Font

custom exterior signs for businesses in South Windsor CTTwo popular custom signage options that we offer are non-illuminated and illuminated channel letter signs. We can customize each type to match your business’s colors and fonts. We start by shaping the aluminum frames of the letters to match the typefaces you use in your other marketing materials. We then add acrylic faces to the “can” frames and install LED lighting for the illuminated channel letters. There are different styles depending on the look you are going for.

Choose from a Variety of Materials for Your Dimensional Letters

Also referred to as 3D letter or raised letter signs, dimensional letter signs can also be precisely routed to match your branding. You can also choose from a variety of materials. High-density urethane (HDU) is ideal if you want an extra thick marker. It can be up to four inches thick. Acrylic and aluminum are also popular. In fact, you can add aluminum or acrylic laminates to HDU letters to achieve maximum thickness while benefiting from the glossy look of acrylic or the professional appearance of aluminum.

Custom Imprinted Cabinet Signs Boost Your Brand

custom exterior signs for businesses in South Windsor CTLightbox cabinet signs will help consumers find your venue at all hours of the night and day when they are installed directly to the exterior of your building, when used as monument signs, or when mounted on top of poles. The cabinets feature an aluminum frame, and we custom imprint the plastic face of the sign with whatever message you want. We can use LED or neon lights to illuminate your marker. We recommend LEDs to save money on electricity and maintenance costs.

Monument Signs Come in Any Shape or Size

custom exterior signs for businesses in South Windsor CTThe ideal way to direct clients to your facility and boost your brand awareness is with monument signs. These markers can be any size or shape that you want, and you can really create an eye-catching effect when you combine different materials. Metal, concrete, and HDU monument signs are a popular alternative.

This is just a taste of what we can do for your enterprise. We will give you the service you deserve, and we stand by the quality of our materials. If you are in need of custom exterior signs for businesses in South Windsor CT, contact the friendly professionals at G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free quote.

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