Different Types of Lobby Signs

Your reception area and lobby are the first impressions you get to make on customers and clients as they walk in. While your marketing efforts may have brought them in, the first true impression will be the feeling they get when they see your lobby area. Why not start off on the right foot?

With many different customization options for lobby signs, it’s easy to communicate your brand’s voice and personality through this signage. Having comfortable furniture and a well-painted reception area can aid the good feeling of the space, but the lobby sign drives home your message. Being playful or keeping it professional gives newcomers an immediate glimpse into the culture of your company.

The Types of Signs

To help make every sign unique, there are many different options in graphics, fonts, and colors. However, even to add even more intrigue, there are also a few types of lobby signs to fit every job.

3D Letters

Looking to stand out? Three-dimensional letters do just that. They look professional but can also have a strike of whimsy, depending on the font and graphic choices added. These letters are easy to make in different colors, making the options near limitless for customization. Whether you want to keep it more simple and professional or want to make a big impact with vibrant colors, our team can achieve your vision.

Vinyl Graphics

Our team can create small or large graphics to add a punch to any lobby sign. Whether you want to fully focus on a logo or want to add more intrigue to a more basic lobby sign, we can help.

Panel Signs

These signs are the better-known look for lobby signs. They can be made out of a long list of materials including acrylic, foam and metal. Panel signs can be shaped into nearly any form, opening the options in customization. For those with a circular logo, this can mean an exact replica of the logo. However, our team has the knowledge and creativity to create any shape. The only limit is your own imagination.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today. We can help guide you through the design process and achieve a sign that exceeds your expectations in a timely manner.