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Directories and Doorways: Keep Your Visitors on the Right Track

Directories by G-Force Signs and Graphics

In a multi-story building, there are some serious hurdles to finding the place you need to be. If you manage a multi-story building, don’t add to the confusion and chaos by having only a single lobby directory that visitors look at as they come in and forget as the elevator doors close. With directories by G-Force Signs & Graphics, you can guide your guests all the way to their destination and back again.

It’s Easy to Forget

Directories are usually found in lobbies. They indicate the floor and room number of different offices or departments in a building. The problem with only having a main lobby directory in your multi-story facility is that people tend to forget where they’re going as they move through the building.

We all know that feeling when you walk into a room for something and completely forget why you’re there. Well, a 2011 study by the University of Notre Dame suggests that people tend to forget things when moving through a doorway. The theory is that this happens because thoughts become compartmentalized in one room making them harder to recall in another. Make sure that nervous interviewees, uncomfortable visitors or potential clients don’t lose a room number as they walk through the elevator doors.

Directories by G-Force Signs and Graphics

Types of Directories

You’ll need multiple directories for your multiple floors. Here are a few of the options you can utilize to guide visitors from your lobby to their destination:

Main Lobby Directories

These are the directories that people see first thing as they walk in your doors, the one’s they’re likely to forget as they make their way through your building. These directories will get your guests on their way.

Elevator Lobby Directories

One of the first places your guest is likely to get nervous and forgetful is the elevator lobby. They might be doubtful of their recollection about what floor they need to access. A directory in the elevator lobby is convenient. And your guests won’t have to run back to the front of your building to remind them of the floor they need.

Upper Floor Lobby Directories

The next step is getting out of the elevator and to the right office on that floor. Another directory on the upper floors will keep your visitors on the right track. If you don’t have an upper lobby, finding a convenient wall is a perfect place for an upper floor directory. Just make sure that the names and office numbers are accessible.

Directories by G-Force Signs and Graphics

Internal Directories

Having a directory in a large suite will keep visitors who found the right floor and door on track.  These will also keep wandering visitors out of areas that they shouldn’t be in.

If you have a building that needs multiple directories, our team at G-Force can provide perfect solutions for you.

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