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Google Websites - Signs and graphics in Windsor CT

Yes, you need a good website.

google website - signs and graphics in Windsor CTNow that we’ve answered the question, let’s talk about why.

There are many things that have become industry standards for businesses in the South Windsor, CT area over the years. Things like a good business card, a good location, customer reviews and a social media presence; are all thing that have become common. However, a website is the one thing that allows all of these other advertising venues to work together.

In this digital South Windsor, CT economy, having a website is probably the most important asset to your business. It lends for credibility and can offer a solid first impression; providing customers the information that they need to choose your business.

In order to make sure that your South Windsor, CT business has a good website representation; let’s look at a few important factors.

Make it Look Good

google website developer - signs and graphics in Windsor CTA well designed website should be as attractive as it is functional. So many South Windsor, CT businesses take to the freebie website builders trying to save a dollar; ending up with a cookie-cutter website that is plain, dull and boring. If your website is going to reflect the positive face of your business in South Windsor, CT; do it right by getting the best.

You hire a professional when you need a sign, so why not hire a professional to build a proper website!

When we say hire professional, we don’t mean Aunt Susan’s, nephew’s, cousin’s brother on your Mother’s side; who took website class in high school. We’re talking about a professional web development company. One that will be able to provide your South Windsor, CT business with the support and expertise needed to help you succeed. Remember in the marketing industry; you usually get what you pay for.

How long should a website last before upgrading?

A well designed and functional website should last you approximately 5 years. If you have a current website that is over five years old, more than likely the technology is outdated, costing you business; rather than making you money.

NOTE: Because of the significant change in search engine ranking systems in December 2017; if your has not been reviewed you may have dropped in rankings.

Websites today are graded by search engines based upon their functionality, platform used, mobile friendliness, content quantity and saturation, structure and more. A website is also judged by search engines on how interactive you are with it. A good web development company is going to keep you up-to-date with changes in the industry that could vastly affect how your website is viewed. Google, for example, changes trends at least quarterly; any of these trend changes can affect the position of your South Windsor, CT website on search engines.

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website team - signs and graphics in Windsor CTHosting, Security Updates and Back-up

Whoever you decide to host your South Windsor, CT website, make sure that they offer updates, security features and backups to help protect your investment. Hackers work very hard to access the private information that is contained within the website; you should have a website hosting company that works just as hard to keep your information secure.

GoDaddy, Network Solutions and Host Gator all offer low-cost hosting but do not offer backups, updates and security protection; without an extra charge. Therefore make sure you know what you’re getting. If you can find a company that can provide a website, support, hosting and security under one roof; that’s a plus.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For those South Windsor, CT businesses needing to be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing; SEO will be your most important and most expensive part of your website. Google has emerged as the industry standard for search engines and is practically taken over the industry. With well over 90% of market control; simply said: “it’s Google’s house so it’s Google’s rules”. In April 2015 Google completely rocked the internet community by revamping how websites were ranked. In doing so it caused website companies, as well as businesses, to completely rethink SEO.

Much of Google’s latest criteria removes the responsibility of placement info away from the customer and into the Google’s control. While this has its advantages; it also makes the process more expensive and difficult to control for South Windsor, CT businesses. When working with a web developer, make sure that they are up-to-date on Google’s latest search engine optimization information and trends.

Making the right decision for your South Windsor, CT business

In some cases, it may be necessary to use a website development company to make you a great looking and functional website; then hire a separate search engine optimization or marketing company. This will provide you the best of both; depending on your needs. For most small businesses in South Windsor, CT a quality web development service can provide adequate SEO; for solid performance. However, if you are needing more than a local presence, or you are in a very competitive market; you might need to seek out experts in each industry; to make sure you are doing what is right for your business.

team - signs and graphics in Windsor CT

Why Do We Offer Business Advice?

At G-FORCE Signs and Graphics we are pleased to partner with the efforts of small businesses in and around Windsor, CT. Beyond the sign and graphics needs is our unique position and experience with marketing; understanding current trends and proven methods.

Our staff and partnerships that we have established also gives us access to articles written by small business experts; who are also sign company experienced. This partnership allows us to provide value added services to our customers, right here in Windsor, CT.

G-FORCE Signs and Graphics serving Windsor CT is ready to put our years of experience to work for you. We have consistently provided industry relevant graphic design, signs and other advertising materials that are not only attractive; but will help get the attention of your customers as well. We have a full line of sign possibilities to meet all of your needs. Need neon signs? We do that!

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