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Make your business brand stand out with quality exterior signs

One of the first impressions your company can make is through exterior signs. To make this first impression a lasting one it needs to be memorable. Representing your company with high-quality exterior signage is a way to make this happen. 

There are many different types of exterior signs that can be used for different places and purposes. G-Force Signs & Graphics can help with your signage project to ensure that your company best represents itself at your location. 

Channel Letters in Hartford, CTMake a statement with your building signs

If you want to impress your clients and customers one of the best ways to do that is with quality exterior signage. The size, location, colors, materials used, and lighting options all play a part in the overall look for your company brand. A well constructed, well designed, and well placed exterior sign is meant to make a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

Post and Panel Sign in South Windsor, CTBuilding Signs:

In its simplest form building signs are meant to brand the building that your company is in. The best options include illumination to make them visible at night.  Oftentimes these signs are internally illuminated, like light boxes or channel letters, but can also be illuminated using accent lighting which is often used for dimensional letters. 

Free-Standing Signs:

Signs like this are typically cemented into the ground in some way depending on the size and shape of the sign. These can include post and panel signs and monument signs. Both of which have an almost limitless range of options for appearance depending on the application. 

Choosing the right signs that fit your company

The variety of signage options can be confusing.  For example building signs can range from; a panel sign mounted to the building facade, an illuminated lightbox, dimensional letters, to illuminated channel letters. All of these signs have a place depending on the town, building management, client expectations, and budget. There can be many variables to determine what is the best option for your company. G-Force Signs & Graphics can utilize its expertise in the industry to help your company select the right signage package for your project.

Whether your company is looking for building signs or free-standing signs, G-Force Signs & Graphics can help create the branding image that you’re looking for. 

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