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Windsor, CT – FISCHER Brands for Event with Panel Signs

Panel Signs in Windsor, CT

How important is branding to a business? Would you ever recognize a McDonald’s if it weren’t for the Golden Arches? What would Nike be without the Swoosh? These are just a couple examples of how a brand can define an organization. Once customers start to recognize your brand, they develop a relationship with your company and are more likely to give you their business. FISCHER had an event and wanted to enforce their brand identity, so they contacted G-Force Signs & Graphics for panel signs for South Windsor CT.



Panel Signs in Windsor, CT

With locations all over the world, FISCHER is based in Windsor, CT on Marshall Phelps Road in the US and has decades of experience in precision measurement and analysis instruments. Today, measurement and analysis instruments from FISCHER are used around the world in diverse sectors – wherever precision, reliability and easy operation are required. They find out how they can provide our customers the best quality possible through competent and expert consultation. This starts with the very first contact and continuing through to the creation of individual service concepts. These close collaborations combined with the drive to innovate repeatedly form the basis for new metrological solutions.

When an organization that does such a great job of serving the metrological industry came to us for panel signs for South Windsor CT, we were more than happy to be of assistance. Fortunately, they contacted the right sign shop for the job.

What We Did for FISCHER


Panel Signs in Windsor, CT

FISCHER had en event that was rapidly approaching and wanted to spruce up their facility. They were looking for a way to enhance their brand identity without breaking the bank. We suggested panel signs with matte white cut vinyl lettering. They liked that idea, and once they approved the art proofs, we got down to work. We ended up fabricating three of these signs to go on the newly painted orange stripes on the interior walls.

Cut Vinyl in Windsor, CT

We also fabricated new vinyl numbers to replace faded and pealing numbers for the entrance. Instead of applying them on the outside, we reverse-cut the number for an interior mount. This option allows less UV rays to hit the vinyl making the vinyl last as long as possible. Once all of the signs were ready, we installed them within the time frame they were looking for. In the end, FISCHER told us we the signs are perfect. Now, these signs reinforce the brand image of FISCHER all throughout their facility

Panel signs are an inexpensive way to share information throughout your establishment. However, they are by no means the only way to direct people. For instance, there are also dimensional letters, wall graphics, blade signs, and more. If you are interested in learning about specific solutions for your enterprise, contact G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.

panel signs for South Windsor CT

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