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G-Force Signs Qualified to Offer 3M MCS Warranty on Vinyl Graphics!

We just got some big news here at G-Force Signs & Graphics. We were just certified for the 3MTM MCSTM Warranty for just about anything we make with 3M-specified products when we manufacture it using our cutting edge HP Latex 360 Printer and our HP 831 Latex Inks. What does the 3M MCS Warranty on vinyl graphics mean for your business’s signage needs? We will explore that and more below.

What Is the Significance of the 3M MCS Warranty Certification?

3M MCS Warranty on Vinyl GraphicsBasically, any schmo can buy some vinyl, get a printer, and sell graphics online. Sure, their quality is going to be horrible, but there are sure to be businesses out there that will be wooed by the low prices. The Certificate of 3M MCS Warranty seeks to solve the quality issues associated with buying signs. Here are some other benefits to going with a certified sign shop:

  • The Certificate of 3M MCS Warranty affirms that the world-renowned manufacturer 3M will stand behind any graphics made with 3M processes and products. This promise extends to our clients as well as us, the graphics manufacturer.
  • It demonstrates our commitment to supplying you with high-quality 3M graphics that will last for many years to come.
  • It offers assurance that we can provide you with a preferred, comprehensive warranty solution for finished graphics.
  • The 3M MCS Warranty was instituted over two decades ago and continues to set the standard in the signage industry. It covers the finished graphics using products tested and designed for optimal performance and compatibility for work that demands the very best.

Overall, we are proud as a graphics manufacturer to be certified by 3M to offer the 3M MCS Warranty on finished products that meet their rigorous requirements. 3M does not require this Certificate. However, it helps give you greater peace of mind when you buy from us and demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

What Signs Does the Certificate Cover?

The 3M MCS Warranty is important because we use 3M vinyl in a majority of our projects. The most obvious example is vehicle graphics and wraps. Yet, we also apply digitally-printed vinyl graphics to various substrates to create monument signs, pole signs, channel letters, and much more. The specific film that we use for the job and the type of sign we create will determine the length of your warranty, but for some illuminated sign films and substrates, you get up to a nine-year 3M MCS Warranty for eligible finished products.

In summary, you can save some money in the short-term by going with some no-name online outfit for your signage. Or, you can go with a certified sign company that will stand behind the quality of their work. The choice is up to you.

Areas We Serve

From our shop in South Windsor, Connecticut, G-Force Signs & Graphics is proud to offer the 3M MCS Warranty on vinyl graphics to businesses in Cromwell, West Hartford, Hartford, Manchester, Vernon, Newington, East Hartford, Glastonbury, Windsor, and every place in between. If you are interested in graphics that last, please consider contacting our friendly experts today for a free consultation.

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