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Give Your Catering Business a Boost with Vehicle Graphics in South Windsor

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Do you have an established restaurant that is popular among the locals, yet no one seems to know about your catering services? Or, are you just starting out in the catering world and want a way to get a leg up on the competition? In both of these situations, you can give your sales a boost with catering vehicle graphics in South Windsor CT. Fortunately, G-Force Signs & Graphics is your number one source for these visual branding solutions.

Many Ways to Build Brand Recognition

vehicle graphics in South Windsor CTIt only makes sense to cover your vehicle with a catering truck wrap since you spend a fair amount of your time on the road. Consumers see your vehicle-based message whether you are making deliveries, picking up supplies, or simply tooling around town for other purposes. Hungry foodies are sure to seek you out when you incorporate mouthwatering graphics, easy to remember phone numbers, and memorable taglines.

What Makes a Wrap Great?

Your best bet for catching eyes is colorful designs. They should also complement the types of dishes your catering company offers. For instance, a barbecue rib joint could pick a flames (evocative of the grill) or red (like BBQ sauce) background. For a Mexican restaurant, consider the use of green (for peppers) or yellow (for cheese). This imagery sets the tone for your text and other graphics.

Use a logo to display the name of your business. If you also run a food truck or eatery alongside your catering work, this is especially important. We also recommend using high-resolution digital photographs of your best dishes. Add whatever menu items your customers talk about most on Yelp and other rating sites. This creates simple name recognition and branding.

Wrap All of Your Vehicles

vehicle graphics in South Windsor CTYou likely take your orders to various locations using a van. You might also consider wrapping a car or other vehicles associated with your business. Even automobiles you do not use for deliveries can be useful for advertising your enterprise. With our state of the art software, we can make sure your graphics and wraps match across several makes and models of vehicles.

Vehicle Graphics Are More Effective and Less Expensive than Other Media

Vehicle graphics are one of the least expensive advertising media available according to recent research. For example, did you know that you would need to spend $21 for every one thousand impressions you get with a magazine ad? On the other hand, the cost per thousand impressions for a vehicle wrap is 35 cents.

You should also consider the duration of your brand exposure. Many vinyl wraps are guaranteed for up to five years. Yet, you might have people looking at your magazine ads for the next month or so before they recycle it. And, billboards only reach the people who drive by them. But, you take your message to your target audience with vehicle graphics.

The bottom line is that you are missing out on an important opportunity to grow your business if you do not have catering vehicle graphics in South Windsor CT. To fix this problem, contact G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation.

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