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building directory signs in South Windsor CTYou were finally able to get an appointment with a medical specialist situated in a big office complex. When you made the appointment, you took note in your planner that the specialist was located on the third floor. This information is helpful, but you cannot seem to find an elevator or stairway once you enter the facility. You eventually find some stairs after searching frantically. Yet, you cannot find the right office once you get to the third floor. All you see is a bunch of unmarked doors along a hallway. You will never make your appointment on time! A key element in the architecture of any venue is building directory signs in South Windsor CT.

As people enter a building and need direction or at least confirmation of where to go, the first thing they seek out is directory signs.  They provide a natural place for guests to stop and look for the suite they need. Fortunately, G-Force Signs & Graphics is one of the premier suppliers of these markers for business owners and property managers.

Make Your Venue Navigable with Building Directories

building directory signs in South Windsor CTEven in the Information Age with the widespread use of GPS and other gadgets, directory signs are necessary. They easily and quickly identify the locations of every department, tenant, and amenity in your facility. Additionally, these signs have almost no maintenance concerns associated with them.

Let’s go back to our scenario from the opening paragraph. The ideal directory sign system for your office complex would feature a main directory in your lobby that alphabetically lists all of the different suites with their numbers. You would tell visitors which floor to go to with another directory near the elevators. As people exit the elevator, subdirectories on each floor would utilize directional arrows to show where specific units are. You will smoothly guide guests to their destination with all of these markers working in conjunction.

Do You Need Directories?

building directory signs in South Windsor CTYou should carefully consider installing directories in your venue for three main reasons:

  • Wayfinding – This is the most obvious reason. Not all facilities can afford to hire a receptionist to greet and direct all visitors. Even if it is in your budget, the receptionist may not always be available. Plus, a lot of people prefer to try to find their own way. Office building directories help with this.
  • Branding – Underscore the brand identity of your company using your organization’s colors, logo, and fonts. You introduce or reinforce these visual cues when you include custom elements in your signs.
  • Image – You will not make a good first impression if your venue is confusing. On the other hand, when you have a well-designed combination of maps, directories, and live assistance, you let prospective tenants know that you pay attention to details.

If you have no idea where to start with your directory signage system, don’t worry! The friendly professionals at G-Force Signs & Graphics will come to you and perform a site survey to pinpoint what areas would benefit from building directory signs in South Windsor CT. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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