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How a LED Sign Can Make Your Business a Landmark

When you give directions to someone from out of town, chances are you use landmarks to help them find their way. These easily identified signs and locations can make it much easier to get to a destination, but what does it take to get this sort of free word-of-mouth advertising from members of the community?

LED Readerboard signs are the most commonly cited landmarks. When a business regularly displays certain information and is that easy to spot, it makes itself into a landmark. For instance, a bank that has the current date and temperature is much easier to use as a description. This is because the motorist won’t have to look too hard to notice it, which is the goal of describing a landmark to begin with.

Of course, businesses will want to display sales information and details of their business on the sign, as well. This can be achieved easily with the right design. Most of the time, a case will be added with signage above the board. This makes it easy to advertise the brand while keeping the LED board simple.

By putting more community and local information, the community will feel more connected to your company. It is more likely you will remember the bank that you check the temperature from than the bank that makes certain promises, since all banks make those.

Ensure all text is legible, both above and on the board. Having quick messages can better communicate what you are trying to convey, even for more community-based messages. Some examples and place you can get community information includes:

  • Displaying Amber Alerts, which can be set up with your local police authorities.
  • Local theaters can provide show time information.
  • Schools can give important information about events or even snow days.
  • Churches can give important event and community information such as donation drives.
  • The sports in the area can be a good source. Between outcomes and upcoming events, there is plenty that can be found right in your local newspaper.

Depending on your community, the list can be quite large. Be sure to engage the community around you to better drive sales. A common rotation for these messages is as follows:

  • The time and temperature.
  • Two or three sales or branding messages.
  • One community message.
  • Two or three sales or branding messages.

This rotation keeps the focus on your business while making your sign a landmark in the community. Our team at G-Force Signs can help with any project. Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call to get started today at our South Windsor, CT location.

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