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Imprinted Table Throws for Trade Shows

Imprinted Table Throws by G-Force Signs and Graphics

If you go to trade shows for your business, you bring a lot of items along with you. Some of those items are going to be types of displays. Sometimes you might bring branded handouts for people who stop by your booth. Either way, there are going to be boxes and cases that you’ll need to store out of sight. Make sure you don’t clutter up your booth and make your business look messy.  With custom imprinted table throws by G-Force Signs & Graphics, advertise your brand and hide your clutter at trade shows or local events.

Convenient Visuals

People notice imprinted table throws. Our printing technology allows us to put whatever graphics you want on your imprinted table throws. If you want to use your display to draw people to your booth, a colorful image will draw their eye. Add a little bit of interesting type with your name or specialty too, and you’ll get people curious enough to stop over.

Imprinted Table Throws by G-Force Signs and Graphics

Combine the great graphics with an easy setup and you have prime advertising. That convenience is exactly what you get when you use an imprinted table throw. Set up really just requires pulling the throw out of the box and putting it over your table. The only extra equipment you really need is the table. When you’re done, packing up is easy too. And you’ll have everything ready to go for your next show.

Cover your Clutter

With imprinted table throws, there’s also the added bonus of being able to hide your clutter under the table and keep your display unobstructed. You’ll be able to keep all of the boxes you use to transport your display items under the table and out of sight. Keep extra supplies and handouts out of the way of the images that get you noticed.  And when you’re done, your boxes are right there, ready to be used. This means that after a long day of trade-show business, you can pack up quickly and get on your way.

custom printed table covers in Manchester CT

Great Signage

Imprinted table throws are good for any event. Whether it’s a company outing, trade show, local fair or just a birthday party in the backyard, the benefits of an imprinted table throw are the same across the board. This makes table throws perfect for any event where you need quick setup and out of sight storage.

If you’re interested in imprinted table throws for your trade show or event, give us a call at 860-787-5338 or get in touch online.

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