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Increase Holiday Sales with Retail Store Window Graphics in Hartford CT

retail store window graphics in Hartford CT

The kickoff of the holiday shopping season used to be Black Friday. Yet, nowadays, the competition is fierce among retailers for market share, and stores are going for consumers’ dollars earlier and earlier every year. This makes it crucial for you to begin promoting your holiday deals soon. Thankfully, G-Force Signs & Graphics has you covered when it comes to retail store window graphics in Hartford CT.

Why Advertise with Window Graphics?

retail store window graphics in Hartford CTWindow graphics are the ideal marketing tool for retailers who have a lot of storefront window space. Of course, channel letters and other exterior building signs are important for letting consumers know where you are, presenting a professional look, and for branding, but window graphics are used more for marketing purposes, particularly for holiday decorating, sales, and other short-term uses.

How Are Window Graphics Used?

retail store window graphics in Hartford CTThroughout the year, window graphics have many varied uses. However, during the holidays, they are much more useful. They are mainly used for:

  • Displaying Holiday Business Hours – If you have ever been in charge of answering the phone in your store during the holiday season, you know that shoppers need to know when you are open. For Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and every other day of the holiday season, you can use window graphics to display your hours of operation.
  • Sale Graphics – You are likely holding sales in November and December to attract new clients and customers. Hartford business owners have the perfect way to notify patrons of what deals you have to offer them with retail window graphics.
  • Holiday Graphics – Happy consumers are more likely to loosen their purse strings and buy items. With holiday graphics, you help nurture the holiday feeling within shoppers. Additionally, bright, happy graphics make for a festive décor that can boost the morale of workers.

Window Graphics Are Versatile

retail store window graphics in Hartford CTWindow graphics can feature just about any color or image. Our graphic artists utilize cutting edge software to design your window graphics. Once you are happy with the mockups we provide you with, we print them out on high-quality vinyl using a state of the art large format digital printer that produces high-resolution, full-color images.

Now, if you go with an online provider, they will try to tell you that you can install your window graphics on your own. This is technically true. Yet, it is hard for amateurs to install graphics just right. For instance, you probably do not have the right tools, such as a heat gun, to make certain all of the air bubbles are removed. To ensure your graphics look their best, we recommend having our expert installation team do the work for you.

Let us know if you are interested in graphics that can be used year after year. We will accommodate you with static cling vinyl films or other similar products.

Are you ready to get started on your holiday retail store window graphics in Hartford CT? If so, contact G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free quote.

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