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Where to Install Wall Graphics in Your South Windsor CT Business

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Professional offices are supposed to be boring and drab to keep employees focused on the job at hand, right? Think again! It may seem like decorating your office space with custom vinyl graphics and wall murals is a frivolous expense, but there are clear benefits to installing logo and branding decals in your business space. From the educational to the memorable to the downright inspirational, here are a few places your organization can use wall graphics in South Windsor CT:

Training Room Graphics

wall graphics in South Windsor CTIf your business has a training facility or does a lot of on-site education, you can make the classroom atmosphere a little more engaging with wall murals. Research shows that when there is a visual component involved, people tend to learn better. You can keep participants’ senses aroused with a list of some core facts about your enterprise on the wall, by branding the space with your logo, or by putting a giant map of your distribution area to the side.

Create a View for Your Meeting Room

Most of us have been in conference rooms that offers stunning views of a cityscape. The view is majestic, but it can be a little distracting. However, four windowless off-white walls will put anyone to sleep. You can split the difference with high-resolution, large format graphics. They can feature whatever photographs you want.

Corridor Decals

wall graphics in South Windsor CTThough they are often overlooked, corridors are useful spaces for branding. For instance, you could put a timeline of your corporate history along a hallway. This can inform customers of your rich history while giving workers a sense of pride. Plus, when you turn a usually blank wall into something creative, your business will stick out in the minds of clients.

Cafeteria Murals

Everyone needs some time away from their desk to recharge and perhaps grab a quick bite to eat, no matter how much they love their job. Why not whisk your workers away to a tropical paradise by installing soothing wall murals of a beach? Your employees will be refreshed and ready to get back to work after having relaxed in such a visually different setting.

Reception Area Mission Statements

wall graphics in South Windsor CTTake a minute to look at your reception area. What do you see? You probably have some old magazines, tasteful plants, and maybe a small lobby sign. Why not make a positive and strong first impression by putting your company logo and mission statement on the walls? You will let potential clients know what your values are and what your business does when you put your mission statement up front. Additionally, consumers will have something relevant to read.

These are just a few of the ways you can put wall graphics, murals, decals, and lettering to work for your professional office. If you have ideas and are not sure if they are possible or if you want solutions specifically tailored to your enterprise, contact the friendly professionals at G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation on wall graphics in South Windsor CT.

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