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So you’re ready to purchase signage for your business, but you are unsure of where to begin. Which elements should you consider? Is the design you’ve selected for your signage getting in the way of its effectiveness? Additionally, what makes an effective signage?

All of the above questions are valid, as any business signage should be able to successfully promote your company. There are different types of signs that a business can take advantage of. From outdoor signs to building and business signs, each sign serves a particular purpose and/or function. 

Regardless of the type of sign that you choose to use, they should collectively work to market your business and reinforce your business branding strategy. That said, before purchasing your business signs, there are a few things you ought to consider. Below are the top elements that you should keep in mind to ensure that your business sign is effective.

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Trying to use fancy texts, designs and colors is a common rookie mistake. Using fonts with cursive letters are usually hard to read, which can immediately turn-off an interested onlooker. Keep the font simple and spaced out so that the text is legible from a faraway distance. 

Additionally, the background color should contrast the color used for the letters of texts. This also increases its legibility and readability. 

Enhance The Negative Space

Utilizing the aesthetic quality of negative space in a design is crucial. Negative space not only makes the sign more visually pleasing but also legible. Leaving enough negative space, which is an element of design, involves using fewer texts and images on the sign. 

The fewer the words, the more effective a sign will be. Short and clear messages attract passers-by, giving them enough time to read and react to the message on your business/ building sign. A crowded sign, however; is a sure way to reduce the effectiveness of the sign and the message on it. 

Lightbox sign in South Windsor, CTLocation, location, Location!

We often hear that when starting a business, its location will dictate its overall success. In other words, you have to situate the business in a location brimming with potential customers, as well as other favorable resources. The same thing applies when it comes to using business or building signs.

Choose a location that is high enough for people to see, taking into consideration the standard viewing distance. This increases visibility and ensures that you capture the attention of numerous potential customers. 

Images and Color Selection

The type of images and colors you choose for your graphics should represent your brand. Hence, the image(s) you select should be directly related to your company and the type of products it deals with. 

Don’t be afraid to use colors that pop to capture the attention of the onlooker. However, be sure to use the colors that are consistent with your business colors as well. This way, people will be able to recognize and associate business signs to your company. 

Overall Condition

Most of the time, if not all, trying to save money by neglecting old business signs can do more harm than good. A sign in bad condition is rarely legible and is less likely to capture anybody’s attention. It does not communicate a good message and is likely to ruin your overall business branding strategy. 

People are likely to associate the state of your building signs to how seriously you take your business. Go ahead and have it replaced, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly our business will pick up.

So, is your business sign working for you? If all your outdoor signs adhere to all the above elements and are kept in good condition, they will have the potential to attract potential customers. 

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