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The Keys to Attracting Customers with Retail Signs

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Are you ready to unlock the secret for better attraction to your storefront? It does not involve the internet or promoting at your next trade show. Instead, it involves retail signs.

Signs have been used to advertise businesses since the Middle Ages. In fact, there are numerous Roman examples of early signs still on display in museums.

Expert Tips to Use Retail Signs Properly

Retail signs are only powerful when used correctly. From considering the color scheme to orientation, there are specific design elements you must consider before putting up your first sign.

Colors: Consider readability any time you pick colors. White backgrounds with bright or light lettering are not as visible as dark colors on a light background or vice versa.

Orientation: A horizontal sign gives you more room to promote your message, include a logo or image, and use bolder text.

Readability: In addition to colors, your text cannot use complicated fonts or small letters. Keep in mind people might read from the street, far inside your store, or their vehicle. So, it must be readable from a distance.

Size: A sign that is too large might prevent people from focusing in, while a sign too small will not grab attention. Use a large-format print, but ensure you have enough pictures or text to fill it, so you do not have a big blank background.

Clutter: While you should fill the surface, you do not want to clutter it with too much text or busy images. This takes away from the core message.

Order Vibrant Retail Signs from a Professional

Printing your signs in-house creates a plethora of issues. However, when you work with G-Force Signs & Graphics, you get high-quality prints that are always attractive and deliver your message.

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