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Lobby Sign and Window Graphics in East Windsor Brand Video Experts!

Custom Lobby Signs East Windsor CT

lobby sign and window graphics in East Windsor CTHow do you continue the brand communication you start on the outside of your business? Easy! Display matching lobby signs and window graphics in East Windsor CT. Case in point is the Video Experts production company. The award-winning team of professionals has been in business since 1986 and continues to be on the cutting edge of digital editing technology, drone video services, and special video encoding. To enhance the business’ visibility among prospective customers, the company’s management team contacted the experts at G-Force Signs & Graphics to create a signage display.

Moving a Brand Conversation from the Outside to the Foyer

lobby sign installation East Windsor CTSign makers understand that building signage starts a conversation between a business and a consumer. The brand message is a significant aspect of this communication. Ideally, the signage setup should flow between the outside and the inside so that the would-be customer who steps into the foyer sees a similar message that expands on the branding information. For the Video Experts, we achieved this goal by installing window graphics and a lobby sign.

window graphics in East Windsor CTThe business commissioned the window graphic for the front door. It features the logo in an almost subliminal fashion. We achieved this look with a color match for the entry and corporate logo. The dark portion of the logo, however, we only presented as light gray shading. On top of this round graphic display, we spelled out the company’s name in the same way as you see it on the website. Next, we designed the lobby sign. We used acrylic dimensional letters that combine with the logo’s style elements to take up the upper third of the wall space behind the receptionist’s desk.

The medium gray color of the wall now features the corporate logo in an off-white hue that represents a color display reversal of the window graphic’s symbol. The font setup, however, is identical. In so doing, we have heightened the emphasis of the corporate logo, which is at the forefront of the brand message. The gradual increase in display prominence is an ideal flow for the communication that the door graphic started. (If you would like to see a time-lapse video of the lobby sign’s installation, check out our footage on the Video Experts’ website!)

Other Products that Pair Well with Lobby Signs

Lobby signs for East Windsor CTThere is no doubt that the signage product you put in your foyer is among the most important investments you make in your business’ brand presentation. To take a page from the playbook of our client for a progressive, continued branding communication, we recommend several complementary outdoor signage options.

  • A-frames. The A-frame is a temporary sign that you place into the flow of foot traffic each day. Also known as a sandwich board, it displays your corporate colors, logo, font, and similar elements.
  • Window posters. Attach the poster to the inside of the window with suction cups. Usually, these displays feature a targeted marketing message that includes your branding.
  • Flags. Flutter or teardrop flags are ideal attention getters. Our clients use them with excellent success. Usually, they only display a brand symbol combined with a corporate color.

If we have inspired you to consider the purchase of a matching lobby sign and window graphics in East Windsor CT, or other harmonizing exterior signage that pairs well with your reception area marker, contact our graphic artists today to schedule a design consultation.

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