LX Enterprises Rides in Style with Dump Truck Graphics in Bloomfield CT

We get a lot of requests from local business owners to install their logo on their fleet of vehicles. Branding spot graphics are among the most popular vehicle decals around. However, there are also some graphics that you are required to have, such as USDOT numbers. LX Enterprises wanted to install these numbers and boost their branding, so they contacted G-Force Signs & Graphics for dump truck graphics in Bloomfield CT.

What Is LX Enterprises?

dump truck graphics in Bloomfield CTBased on Cliffmount Drive in Bloomfield, LX Enterprises LLC is the business of Alexander Grier. The company is small with just two trucks and two drivers, but they get a lot done providing the area with dump truck services and hauling.

When an enterprise that does such a good job of serving the local community came to us for dump truck graphics in Bloomfield CT, we jumped at the chance to be of assistance. LX Enterprises had a shiny new Peterbilt dump truck, affectionately named “Rambo,” that they wanted to make their own. Fortunately, we knew just what to do.

What We Did for LX Enterprises

dump truck graphics in Bloomfield CTOur first step in the vehicle graphic creation process was to meet with LX Enterprises to get a good look at their new truck and to discuss what they had in mind for their project. There were a number of things they wanted. First of all, they wanted their logo on each door. They also wanted the driver’s name and the names of people important to the business included. Lastly, the truck was required to have USDOT numbers. We provided the client with art proofs of what the graphics would look like, and once they approved, we got down to work.

The LX Enterprises logo was digitally printed on top-quality vinyl. Real gold cut vinyl letters were used for the names and USDOT numbers and a high-intensity reflective vinyl was used for the truck number. When all of the graphics were ready for installation, we worked with the client’s schedule to install them at a time when the truck could be off the roads. In the end, they were completely satisfied with the work we did. Now, motorists and pedestrians all over the region will be exposed to their branding.

We Have Solutions for Your Enterprise

dump truck graphics Bloomfield, ctYou must have a USDOT number displayed if you operate a commercial vehicle that hauls cargo or transports passengers. There are specific rules that govern how big the numbers must be, their font, and how visible they should be. We do not have room to get into the details here, but our graphic designers are well-versed on the regulations and can create numbers that not only meet the standards but also work well with your branding.

When you are getting your USDOT numbers, it is the ideal time to also put your company’s name, contact information, logo, and other information on your vehicles. Most contractors are surprised to find out how affordable it can be. If you are interested in learning what G-Force Signs & Graphics can do for your business, contact our friendly experts today for a free quote.

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