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Truck Lettering in Willington, CT One of the challenges that businesses face in the Manchester, CT. area is keeping the logo or slogan of the business continually fresh in people’s minds. When it comes to brand recognition or name branding, a custom sticker is a great way to help a business towards making it a household name.

A Sticky Situation

Stickers of all shapes and sizes have been used for the branding of products and services for years; and while that is to your advantage as a business owner, it can also create a sticky situation. Often times the challenge is creating an image that is eye-catching enough to get someone’s attention; this can be done through attention grabbing graphics or a color scheme. That helps the message jump out at your customer.

Many print and sign companies still print single and dual color processing which really limits the creativity of the business and opportunities of getting noticed: G-Force Signs & Graphics serving the Manchester, CT. area offers a full color vinyl sticker that can be die-cut in a large variety of shapes and sizes to fill any vinyl sticker needs. By utilizing a full color process we can incorporate a full palette of colors and graphics to help make your vinyl stickers standout.

Sticking With What Works

You only need to look at NASCAR to understand the importance of vinyl stickers and branding. In addition to having those branding stickers on the cars, vendors give away the stickers as well. The mindset for this is not that they’re going to run out and purchase a product immediately; but rather, if branded as a household name, when needed they will purchase a product or service they’re already familiar with. Vinyl stickers are perfect for your landscaping business, automotive repair service, hair salon or church. They can help keep branding in the public eye. That makes it easier to build trust in your product or service.

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Sticking the Landing

vinyl window lettering and window decals in Manchester CT G-Force Signs & Graphics serving the Manchester, CT. area is your one stop shop for vinyl stickers, banners, vehicle wraps and more to help get your name out. Our design team can help you take your idea and put it into to print with a little graphical flair and expertise. Depending on the use for your vinyl stickers, we can help you select the right materials so that the price will reflect the need, examples might be:

• Giveaway stickers for conventions

• Bumper stickers

• Political stickers

• Outdoor, weatherproof stickers

• Hardhat stickers

• Shipping stickers

• Window stickers

• Sticker Labels

• And more…


Each of these types of stickers would utilize a different quality of vinyl and coating. That is so that the price can match the need. There’s no reason to use super think, laminated vinyl for a short time or single use stickers; this would make the price for the stickers unreasonable. Your sales representative at G-Force Signs & Graphics serving the Manchester, CT area can help you select the right sticker for your individual needs.

Here When You Need Us

G-FORCE Signs and Graphics in South Windsor, CT Can assist with all of your sign and marketing needs. Get your business noticed with attention grabbing signs and thought-provoking graphics – Regardless of your location. We can also help with all levels of signage needs such as: outdoor signs, indoor signs, banners, sandwich boards, flags, window graphics and more.

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