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Vehicle Graphics in Manchester CTOne of the advantages of hiring a professional Sign and Graphics Company in the Manchester CT is to help you keep focused on the marketing the larger picture. This means that when you create individual products that are stunning and attention grabbing such as: signs, banners, business cards, vehicle wraps and more; it is better to step back and look at these products as parts toward your branded image rather than individual products. More simply put: your business cards should have a similar look to your banners, vehicle wraps and so on.

To help keep this big picture mindset for your Manchester CT area business, let’s look at a few things to consider.

Think Big First

In marketing, the ripple effect is commonly used to identify a message starting small and growing. While this marketing concept looks great on a pamphlet, it’s lousy for stirring sales. In today’s competitive Manchester CT market; you need to make a splash, not a little ripple. Splashes make waves to drive momentum rather then little ripples that gently move the surface.

Not every small business in the Manchester CT area has the budget to be able to create all the branded products that they need in one lump. For many small business owners, multiple products are needed to brand the business message; but don’t have the budget to do everything at once. For those small businesses that are trying to decide which sign and graphics products to use first, we recommend looking beyond the individual products and more of a branded approach over a set period of time.

In this mindset we recommend to begin with a large appearance (Splash) and narrow the focus down to an individual rather than start with an individual and grow it to a larger appearance.

For example: a small pizza business should start with the sign out front, then the window graphics, then the front-end counter graphics, ending up with and down to business cards. This process allows you to reach a larger group of people over a period of time; then narrowing the focus with additional products as the budget permits.

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Keep messages simple, branded and on point

Vehicle Lettering Marketing in Manchester, CTOne of the advertising techniques utilized when developing a message to present a small business to the Manchester CT area is known as K.I.S. – which stands for Keep It Simple.

This simple acronym brings into perspective that you don’t need to tell your entire life story on every sign or banner that you put out. (See previous articles on branding techniques) We recommend that you keep messages and slogans simple and catchy. Slogans with sarcasm can sometimes pay off big; but be careful not to offend.

Keep your messages looking at the bigger picture having all materials match a similar theme. From the vehicle wrap and store window graphics down to the business card; everything should match and brand the image of your Manchester CT area business.

The Brand includes the Team

Part of the grand scheme of the big picture marketing mindset is the people. Employees can make or break a company if they send mixed messages to your customers. You employees need to be all on the same page and be the voice and face of your big picture. Make sure they are well informed of your marketing push, slogans, sales and specials.

Great marketing products will help drive business to your Manchester CT area business; but it you have employees that are not properly communicating at the point of sale… it money wasted.

Sign and Marketing Experience that Matters

G-FORCE Signs and Graphics serving Windsor CT is ready to put our years of experience to work for you. We have consistently provided industry relevant graphic design, signs and other advertising materials that are not only attractive; but will help get the attention of your customers as well. We have a full line of sign possibilities to meet all of your needs. Need neon signs? We do that!

Be sure to keep checking back for more articles from G-FORCE Signs and Graphics; serving Windsor CT dealing with the importance of name branding.

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