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Commercial Vehicle Wrap HartfordOver the last few years, vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps have become very popular; for brand recognition for local businesses as well as national chains. Because of the popularity, naturally some myths and misconceptions are going to arise.

In this article G-Force Signs and Graphics serving the South Windsor CT area; will look at some of the most common myths surrounding vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps. This will help you have a better understanding of the options and choices available; when it comes to this valuable form of branding.

Vehicle Wrap Vinyl will Last as Long as Paint

This myth is false!

There are many factors that go into how long a vehicle wrap will last; such as: the quality of materials, UV protection, skill of the application and body surface features. Each of these can play a large role in how long a vehicle wrap will last; in both quality of appearance and adhesion of the vinyl. Vehicles and trailers that utilize rivets, for example, are difficult to properly stick. This is where a professional installer really earns his trade; but even a perfectly installed vehicle wrap can see adhesion changes around rivets after a period of time.

For a Partial Wrap, If you Wax the Exposed Paint with Silicone-based Wax; the Paint won’t Fade

This myth is false!

While silicone-based wax with ultraviolet protection is a great product, it simply cannot compete in the diverse South Windsor CT climate; next to a painted surface that is covered with a sticker. Depending on the amount of sunlight exposure that the vehicle receives, there may be a noticeable difference in the surfaces. Naturally this will be more profound with darker colors. This is an important consideration when choosing a partial wrap or graphic. Resale should be something to think about when adding graphics to your fleet vehicle.

Wild Graphic Designs are Better than Simple

This myth is… Plausible!

We say plausible because, depending on what it is you’re looking for, wild graphics may be exactly what you need; however, simple usually is better. Having a well-balanced design that allows for eye-catching graphics but, still keeps things easily legible; is exactly what we specialize in at G-Force Signs and Graphics serving the South Windsor CT area.

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Commercial Vehicle Wraps Cromwell CTAnyone Can Remove Vinyl Wrap

This myth is false! 

Professionally installed vehicle wraps can cover metal and plastic, including trim work. If not meticulously removed it can easily damage the trim and moldings on the vehicle.

Glue residue will require specific chemicals that will solidify the glue for removal; without damaging the paint services. Certified Vehicle Wrap Specialists spend years perfecting their craft. This ensures that the task will be done as safely to the vehicle as possible.

Vehicle Wraps Can Cause More Harm than Good

This myth is false!

Many fleet managers have been led to believe that vehicle wraps will cause harm to the paint, if left on the vehicle for over three years; nothing could be farther from the truth. Especially in circumstances where a vehicle is wrapped right off the showroom floor; it is literally like sealing the condition of the paint until the wrap is removed. Additional laminate coatings added to the vehicle wrap can even help cut down on surface scratches and dings.

Waxing the Vinyl Wrap will Damage the Material

This myth is… Plausible!

Proper care instructions are supplied with vehicles that are professionally wrapped; by G-Force Signs and Graphics serving the South Windsor CT area. We do not recommend the use of any cleaner wax, as the abrasive nature of the wax; can cause damage to the vinyl. This damage will appear in the form of a hazing effect and is not easily repaired. Using nonabrasive spray wax or silicon wax application is certainly recommended for laminate coded vinyl wraps and vehicle graphics. Special care instructions are provided for vinyl that is specifically matte coat or textured such as carbon fiber vinyl wrap.

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