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Clients call us all the time for lightbox cabinets and channel letters. These signs are popular in commercial areas, and we enjoy getting commissions for them. But nowadays, more and more office building management companies, building leasing organizations, and landlords are requiring their tenants to use exterior dimensional letters. As a matter of fact, this branding tool is even popular among service providers and retail stores. We have put together this guide for exterior dimensional letters in South Windsor CT to assist you in deciding if these signs are right for your enterprise.

Exterior Dimensional Letter Material Options

exterior dimensional letters in South Windsor CTWith the broad range of material options for dimensional letters, customization is easy. We get the most requests for the following:

  • Formed Plastic – When you enjoy the 3D look of prismatic faces, formed plastic letters are your ideal solution. They grab the attention of potential customers with their dimensionality while providing durability and versatility.
  • Stainless Steel – Appliance showrooms, tech companies, apartment complexes, and more will benefit from the durable, chic, no-nonsense, avant-garde look of stainless steel letters.
  • Sign Foam – Despite being relatively new to the signage industry, sign foam is valued for its affordability and its ability to achieve thicknesses of up to four inches. Sign foam can be painted to match your company colors, covered with digitally printed vinyl overlays, or coated with a metal or acrylic laminate.
  • Acrylic – Show off your organization’s branding with the clean, crisp presentation of acrylic. This rugged material can be any custom color you want.
  • Bronze – The distinguished appearance of oxidized bronze is perfect for accounting firms that want to display their longevity in the industry, law practices with old world values, and service providers that believe in traditional customer service.
  • Aluminum – Since it is multifaceted, affordable, and durable, aluminum is the top choice for metal signs. There are a number of finishes that can be applied to aluminum to make it match your building or other design elements.

Exterior Dimensional Letters Are Endlessly Customizable

exterior dimensional letters in South Windsor CTIn addition to the many material alternatives, exterior dimensional letters also utilize an array of installation and fabrication techniques. For instance, flat-cut letters have crisp contours, are precise, and make reading the name of your store, building, or service provider easy from great distances. We can standoff mount finished letters or install them flush to your building.

A broad range of colors and fonts will enhance the look of your 3D letters. When you want to actively brand your organization while presenting a stylish look, this is the perfect option.

Most exterior dimensional letters do not have internal lighting. This could lead to issues if your business is open after dark. Luckily, we can install secondary landscape lighting or façade spotlights to improve the legibility of your letters.

All of these alternatives can be overwhelming. Our friendly experts can help you choose the best solution for your marketing approach and budget. Contact G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation and quote on exterior dimensional letters in South Windsor CT.

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