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Regardless of whether you already own a business or are planning to own one, considering all facets of marketing is important. One of the most effective ways of letting others know about your business is by proper signage. While indoor signs help customers locate key areas within an enterprise, outdoor business signs help introduce your business to a wider audience.

Designed to capture people’s attention, outdoor business signs are easily customizable for proper brand representation and reinforcement. This inadvertently allows you to distinguish and set your business apart in a highly competitive market. Often ranked as one of the topmost cost-effective and efficient marketing strategies, it’s no wonder many businesses use them.

Essentially, outdoor business signs are what most like to call a silent, inanimate or visual salesperson. However, for correct brand image representation, you always want to go with high-quality materials for your signs. Outdoor signs should meet the below-highlighted criteria:

Exterior Signage for Deringer-Ney by G-Force Signs and GraphicsEasy to read

When it comes to the readability of a sign, a couple of factors come into play. From the size of the letters to the typefaces, readability can be easily impacted.  You want to use large letters that are easy to read from afar. Additionally, as great as creative script types may be, you want to stick to simplistic ones. The more complicated the typeface, the hard to read.

Clearly visible from the customer’s viewpoint

You can ensure visibility through proper placement, color contrast to help the words stand out and even illumination. The use of high-quality materials not only increase the durability of a sign but also increase readability and visibility.

Represent the company

The sign should represent your brand image and identity appropriately. This can be done through the style of the sign and color choice. Notably, the quality of the sign can say a lot about your business.  There are a number of outdoor business signs that organizations can choose from. However, for the purposes of this article, we shall be focusing on the topmost effective and commonly used outdoor signs.

Monument Signs in South Windsor CTMonument Signs

Monument signs, often confused with Pylon signs, are signs that are no more than five feet tall. They are usually installed into the ground close to the entrance of an organization, which is often near the road. They act as beacons to motorists and passerby’s, encouraging them to stop by.  It’s one of the top ways to increase foot traffic and let others know about your business.

Back Lit Channel Letter Sign in Manchester, CTChannel Letter Signs

These types of signs are extremely unique and hence, are able to catch a lot of attention. There many different types of Channel Letter Signs. However, they are often made from three-dimensional materials that tend to stick out from a wall or sign. Often crafted out of high-quality material such as rust-proof aluminum, the translucent acrylic used to cover each letter, to make them pop. LED lights are usually used to help illuminate the letters on the sign, which augments visibility during the day and at night.

Of course, their placement, which is often at the top of a building, helps ensure visibility and readability as well.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are ground mounted signs that are usually used for identification or company branding purposes by businesses. Hence, they rank among the most commonly used and preferred types of signs for commercial use.

Of course, depending on the placement of the sign, they function as directional signs as well.  They are not only durable; they are highly visible and cost-effective for an overall professional looking sign.

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