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Save on Multiple Vehicle Graphics

How to save on vehicle graphics lettering or wraps by GForce CT

Let’s get your business great exposure!  This month only, G-Force Signs & Graphics is offering the 2-20, 3-30, 4-40 and 5-50 deals so you can save on multiple vehicle graphics.


Save 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% off a vehicle wrap, graphic or lettering project. (Month of October 2017)

What is the deal for saving on multiple vehicle graphics?  It’s simply a factor of “economies of scale” – If the vehicle graphics or vehicle wrap design remains the same and you have more than one similar/same vehicle to wrap or apply the graphics upon, then we can pass savings on to you.

Each Deal Explained

A) 2-20: If we wrap or apply graphics for two of your vehicles, the second vehicle will receive a 20% discount.

B) 3-30: If we wrap or apply graphics for three of your vehicles, the third vehicle will receive a 30% discount.

C) 4-40: If we wrap or apply graphics for four of your vehicles, the fourth vehicle will receive a 40% discount.

D) 5-50: If we wrap or apply graphics for five of your vehicles, the fifth vehicle will receive a 50% discount.

This is a great opportunity to get your fleet branded, on the streets and marketing your business to help build a strong sales funnel for year-end or for kicking-off 2018 with gusto!

The Fine Print

The rules for the deal are simple.

1. The vehicles have to be similar or the same so that the designed wrap, graphics or lettering fits and looks good.  For example, apply great-looking, eye-catching graphics to a box truck will not create the same results for a small van or car.  Plus, we are able to offer this deal because there is no additional graphic design work required when the vehicles are similar. Discount will be applied to the vehicle of equal or lesser value.

2. Schedule the work for all vehicles within a 30-day window or, if you require more time to get all the vehicles in, contact us about accommodating the timeline.

3. All that’s needed to get started is a 50% deposit on the job.

BONUS: Contact us today and receive a roll of 20 business decals with your logo upon completion of the work!  (2″ round or 2″ square decals)  These high-quality, professional decals are perfect for trade-shows, using on brochures, customer invoices, etc!

To get started and save on your multiple vehicle graphics projects, all you need to do is call, email or use our Free Quote form and tell us what deal you are considering: 2-20, 3-30, 4-40 or 5-50.

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