Storrs, CT – UCONN Rebranding Its On-Campus Hotel With Wall Graphics

At G-Force Signs, we stand for everything positive, and education is no exception. It is our faith that an excellent standard of education is vital for a better society. We do everything in our power to contribute to the education sector. Recently, we were approached by the University of Connecticut, and we couldn’t be happier. They wanted us to make wall murals for them, and we couldn’t wait to start. However, before moving towards the project details, let’s spare a moment to talk about the University of Connecticut.

About the University of Connecticut 

The University of Connecticut isn’t just a university but also a state of the art research center. It is home to more than 30,000 students and possesses some of the best labs with the best equipment and well-equipped classrooms. At the University of Connecticut, the teachers and the students drive the learning process. The training students receive on campus equips them with the tools they need to survive in the extremely competitive professional world, which isn’t the friendliest of places. The credit for their success stories must be given to the highly devoted teachers who go the extra mile and help their students become who they are today. 

Wall Graphics Project for UCONN

Now that we have talked about the University of Connecticut, let’s discuss the wall graphics project we did for UCONN. The University of Connecticut has an on-campus hotel known as the Nathan Hotel Inn. They want to rebrand their on-campus hotel to a Graduate Hotel. The Graduate Hotel is a collection of hotels that are found in several university towns throughout the country.

The current hotel has to undergo significant changes and will be converted into Graduate Storrs. The aim is to revamp all the common rooms, guest areas, lavatories, bathrooms, and restaurants. The renovations are targeted to be finished by spring 2020.

To brand their new project, they needed us to provide them with wall graphics in the temporary entrance area. Because the hotel was to be inaugurated soon, the order had to be expedited. We kept the wall graphics simple and used a combination of blue and white colors.

To avoid clutter, we only printed the logo, the date of inauguration, and some relevant graphics on the wall graphics. 

Final Few Words

Working for UCONN was a delightful experience. It allowed us to step forth and play our part in the education sector. Furthermore, the feedback we got from the people at the University of Connecticut was phenomenal and it made us believe in our creative potential. We hope to work on more such projects in the future and promise to do our best to keep our clients satisfied.

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