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United Performance Metals Updates Fleet with Vehicle Graphics in South Windsor CT

Vehicle Graphics, South Windsor, CT

If you operate a small business, you probably do not have a massive advertising budget. Therefore, you are forced to come up with clever ways to get your branding out there. The obvious options used to be radio spots, prime time TV commercials, and newspaper ads, but these solutions no longer pass muster. Fortunately, vehicle graphics get the job done at an affordable price. United Performance Metals realized this, so they contacted G-Force Signs & Graphics for fleet graphics in South Windsor CT.

A Little about United Performance Metals

fleet graphics in South Windsor CTUnited Performance Metals (UPM) is based in Hamilton, Ohio and is a global distributor of high-performance metals. They serve customers in just about every industry, including fastener, semiconductor, medical, power generation, aerospace, oil and gas, and much more. They also provide a comprehensive inventory of products, such as cobalt alloys, alloy steel, nickel alloys, aluminum, duplex stainless steel, titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt chrome moly. Through world-class facilities, processes, and people, they seek to achieve their mission of delivering quality products and services.

We were more than happy to help out when a business with such a worldwide reach came to us for fleet graphics in South Windsor, CT. This was not our first project for UPM. We previously helped them with an array of rebranding signs and graphics. They were so pleased with the work we did that they came back to us to help them rebrand their fleet graphics. Thankfully, we knew just what to do.

We Gave UPM the G-Force Treatment

fleet graphics in South Windsor CTWe first met with UPM to discuss what they had in mind for their project and to get a look at the trucks they wanted to update. They had a newer flatbed truck, an older Freightliner truck, and a smaller GMC truck. They wanted us to add their new logo, business location, and USDOT numbers to each of their vehicles. Based on their vision, we created art proofs of what the finished trucks would look like. Once they approved the designs, we got down to work.

For each of the vehicles, we produced a combination of truck lettering and spot graphics. The logos are digitally printed spot graphics, while the location and USDOT numbers are done with cut vinyl truck lettering. Once we had all of the graphics ready, we scheduled a time for installation. For the old truck, we had to first remove the old branding. We then carefully installed the new graphics so that they were perfectly aligned and free from creases and air bubbles. In the end, UPM was thrilled with the work we did. Now, they will boost their brand recognition as they travel the roads of Connecticut.

Let Us Give Your Fleet a Consistent Look

fleet graphics in South Windsor CTWhen you call G-Force Signs & Graphics for fleet graphics, we come to your place and business and survey your fleet. We will make recommendations that will make your branding consistent. We can also help you develop a fleet vehicle numbering system. If you are interested in a free consultation, contact our friendly professionals today.

fleet graphics in South Windsor CT

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