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Update the Look of Your Vehicle with Window Perf for South Windsor CT

window perf for South Windsor CT

Have you ever noticed that some work trucks have graphics covering their windows? We have a variety of names for these graphics, including one-way vision film, window perf, see-through vinyl, and perforated window vinyl. Here at G-Force Signs & Graphics, we get a lot of questions about window perf. To help educate you on the possibilities of this excellent product, we have put together this blog post.

Party on the Outside, Business on the Inside

window perf for South Windsor CT
Made of a PVC vinyl adhesive film, window perf is designed with round, evenly-spaced holes. Because of these holes, you can see out of the windows the vinyl perf is installed on. Also, we can print graphics directly onto the vinyl film.

Based on the balance of print coverage and visibility you are looking for, there are numerous different types of window perf for South Windsor CT. The most popular ratio for vehicles is 50/50, but there are also 70/30 and 60/40 alternatives. The percentage of the film that is printable area is the first number in the ratio. The total percentage of see-through area is the second number. So, if you want 70 percent printable area and 30 percent see-through, you would go with a 70/30 film. This option is harder to see through, but it makes your message and graphics easier to see on the outside.

Most vinyl window perf only lasts for about three years or so, but when we add an overlaminate, we can drastically improve the durability of your graphics. It protects the graphics from scratching and offers UV protection. And, no one will notice the laminate film because it is optically clear.

Check Out Our Latest Project

window perf for South Windsor CTThere are basically two ways to use perforated vinyl on your automobile. Window perf can be used to complete a partial or full wrap, or it can be a standalone design. Both types are created using top-quality prints that have vibrant colors and intricate detail. We do all of our prints in-house using our state of the art large format digital printer.

For our latest project, our client was interested in giving their pickup a little personality. So, they contacted us for standalone vinyl window perf graphics for the back window of their ride. They liked to take their truck fishing with them, so we printed out an image of the fish on durable vinyl, added a vinyl overlay, and installed it at a time that was convenient for them. Our client was thrilled with the end result!

We Have Window Perf for Your Needs

window perf for South Windsor CTOf course, personal cars are not the only vehicles that can benefit from window perf. In fact, our biggest customers are local businesses. Vinyl perf is particularly popular on the back windows of vans since they provide you with extra room to share information about your products and services.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this marketing tool, please contact G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free quote on window perf for South Windsor CT.

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