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Vehicle Wraps in Windsor Ct

newspaper - signs and graphics in Windsor CTSometimes when we give a phone quote for vehicle wrap for their business in South Windsor, CT; the line goes silent. However, when given the opportunity to provide a comparison of a quality vehicle wrap to other forms of advertising; the value of a vehicle wrap becomes quite clear. With so many different ways to spend your marketing dollars, choosing the one that works best is critical. Naturally using multiple mediums is important, but if you on a budget; which is best?

Take a look at this valuable info when choosing the best options for your advertising budget in Windsor, CT.

Magazine and Print Ads

Unless you are advertising in a high school pamphlet you’ll quickly find that the cost of a magazine or print ad for a local circulation in South Windsor, CT; can easily cost as much as a vehicle wrap. With the average annual cost at $2,500 – $3,800; this type of advertising can cut into the budget with some restrictive results due to the circulation. Consider that a magazine or print ad must be circulated, delivered or distributed to the customer – or – the customer will need to pick it up. (Newspaper or circular) Additionally, your ad will be amongst others in the medium making it more difficult to be found.

While there are good results to be seen in this area; we are making comparisons of best value, not condoning print media use.

Compare that to a Vehicle wrap in Windsor, CT

A vehicle wrap is a 24/7 advertising medium that never sleeps (unless it’s in a garage). Just driving down the main road in South Windsor, CT exposes your brand to hundreds or thousands of viewers; within just a few miles of driving. Not to mention while the expertly wrapped vehicle is sitting in front of your business, house or doctor’s office; it’s always working! Plus the added benefit that a professional vehicle wrap lasts for years. So for the same investments as a 1 year print run that is only seen be a select few; you can have a multi-year billboard on wheels!

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Vehicle Graphics in South Windsor, CTCustomization based upon your budget

Professional vehicle wraps provided by G-Force Signs and Graphics in South Windsor, CT can be customized to fit the budget and the need. We offer full vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps and vehicle lettering that, when combined with a particular color of vehicle; can be very noticeable.

Naturally a full vehicle wrap gives us the ability to work with any paint color; (because we are covering it) not to mention a full canvas to create eye-catching graphics and colors that help get the vehicle noticed.

Partial wraps can take into account the color of the vehicle matching the brand color scheme with the graphics. Because partial wraps are not covering the entire vehicle, this option is cheaper than a full wrap.

Lastly would be vehicle lettering using die-cut fonts that are attention grabbing and can offset the color of the vehicle; making it very attractive and noticeable change to any vehicle.

A Simple Conclusion

When it comes to advertising in South Windsor, CT; any marketing company in the country will tell you that you spend a little on a lot. If you can afford a magazine ad and a vehicle wrap, then you should do both. National statistics identify that a small, local South Windsor, CT business within the first year of operation; should dedicate 50% of its operational budget towards advertising. The business can then safely, if effective, decrease that by 5% every year after the 5th year; until the company is either self-sustaining or you are at a 15% margin for advertising.

A vehicle wrap professionally designed and installed by G-Force Signs and Graphics in South Windsor, CT; is an affordable option, comparatively, to get your message out. It allows you to take your brand and image with you wherever you go; rather than a signboard in front of your shop that just sits there waiting for people to drive by.

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