Vinyl Window Lettering and Window Decals: Which Is Best?

We provide a number of products for helping your storefront or windows stand out. Two of the most requested options available are vinyl window lettering and window decals in Manchester CT. We stand by the quality of both of these alternatives. However, it is important that you understand the major differences between these products. This will make picking the right material for your project easier.

Window Decals

vinyl window lettering and window decals in Manchester CTWindow decals are graphics with the design printed directly onto a vinyl film using our state of the art, large format digital printer. Except in the case of very large decals (usually called wraps), window decals are printed on one piece of vinyl, therefore during installation, it will adhere to the window as one piece. Each individual image or letter does not adhere separately to the window since the design is printed on this single sheet.

Window decals can be installed on the exterior or the interior of your window. Where the decal will be installed will determine whether the adhesive is on the front or the back of the vinyl. We recommend installing your window decals on the outside of your windows so that your message will still be clear if your windows get dirty. However, if you have had issues with vandalism in the past, interior installation is the better option.

Window decals will last for three years or more in an interior application when properly installed and cared for. The lifespan for exterior application is one year or more depending on the amount of exposure it has to the elements.

Vinyl Window Lettering

vinyl window lettering and window decals in Manchester CTVinyl lettering has a much different fabrication process than window decals, though they are virtually indistinguishable in appearance from decals printed on optically clear vinyl films. The main difference is that vinyl lettering is cut directly from a piece of colored adhesive vinyl film. The material for vinyl lettering is usually only available in a couple dozen standard colors. This contrasts with window decals, which can be printed to the precise color you want. Because of this, if you want window graphics that precisely match your company’s unique colors, decals are the way to go.

Vinyl letters can adhere individually to the window since they are not printed. The installation of vinyl lettering is trickier in one sense but easier in another. It is trickier because we need to make sure that the letters are lined up perfectly. We usually do this using masking transfer tape. Installation is simpler because the smaller the piece of vinyl, the easier it is to get all of the air bubbles out.

So which is more affordable? This depends on a number of factors. If you want to use a variety of colors and custom fonts, window decals will be more affordable since the graphics are simply printed out. With vinyl lettering, each letter would need to be cut out of several different vinyl films. However, if you want one color of a standard font, cut vinyl lettering will typically cost you less.

If you are in need of vinyl window lettering and window decals in Manchester CT, contact the friendly professionals at G-Force Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation!

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