What is the best information to include on business signs?

The short answer: it depends on the application. Understanding the specific message that a sign is meant for is essential for designing a proper sign. Most of the sign industry is about getting out information quickly and effectively. This doesn’t mean just any information, but the right information. For example: If a sign is going to be viewed from a moving vehicle it should include only the essential information so the message can be understood quickly. For example: branding signage, like building signs and monument signs, it’s best to include the company name and logo.

What is the appropriate time for marketing materials on signage?

There is a time and place for marketing materials. At your location marketing materials often come in the form of temporary signs. These include things like flutter flags, A-Frame signs, and banners. These can include information for sales and specials, or a particular service you are looking to promote. Including contact information like a phone number here is common. The amount and size of the text should reflect the location of the sign. If this is a high traffic area where it will be viewed from a traveling car then stick with the “less is more” approach. If your creating an A-Frame to take with you to trade shows or other similar locations then you can include more information as your audience will likely be on foot and have the time to stop and read your information if they choose.

Trust Your Signage Experts

Sign professionals have many years of experience dealing with the intricacies of signs, graphics, and typography. Having a good understanding of the purpose of the sign and how it relates to its location and/or it’s visibility is essential. Creating a sign that perfectly fits its intended purpose will allow for a much greater impression on your clients and customers.

Sign and Marketing Experience that Matters

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