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ADA Signs in South Windsor, CT

ADA Signs in South Windsor, CTSince 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been in place to help protect disabled individuals from discrimination. Notably, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that since March 2011, compliance with ADA signs was expected by federal law.

In light of this, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) come up with specific guidelines and standards for ADA signage products. Failure to adhere to the standards, of course, is viewed as a serious violation and leads to hefty fines. Hence, every organization and facility should have (ADA) signage products that adhere to the set standards to protect the disabled appropriately.

That being said, what makes an ADA sign compliant? Below are a few factors that would make ADA signs compliant.

Finish and Contrast

Characters should contrast with their background for easy visibility. For instance, if the characters are light in color, then the background should be dark in color. Ensure that you use a non- glare finish to ensure compliance with the set standards.

Proper Placement of PictogramsADA Signs in South Windsor, CT

Similarly to when using characters on a sign, the pictograms used should contrast their background. If the pictograms are light in color, then the background should be dark in color for contrast. Also, the finish should be non- glare as well.

On a sign, the pictograms should be placed in what is referred to as a 6-inch field area. This leaves enough room below for texts and braille.

Character Properties and Braille Dots

Whilst using raised characters, there are few things to keep in mind:

•  ADA signs should be uppercase

• They must sans serif and not script, italic or oblique

• Should be raised at least  1/32 inch from their existing background

• Letter height should be between ⅝ inch – 2 inches

These raised characters must be accompanied by Braille dots. Below are a few things to  consider:

• The Braille dots must be Grade 2

• Should be placed directly under the text

• The Braille dots must be 3/8 inch away from the text above it

• The Braille dots should not be flat instead, they should be rounded

Overhead and Projection Mounted Signs

Such signs do not require to be accompanied by Braille dots or even adhere to using raised characters. One can either use upper or lower case letters on such signs. However, the characters used should have a 2- inch height. Overhead and projection signs  should always adhere to the required viewing distance.

Mounting Heights and Positioning

If the sign in question has raised characters, it should be placed in the latch side of a single door. If you are dealing with double doors, the sign should be placed on the right side of the right-hand door.  The baseline of the tactile text can be mounted between 48″  to 60″.  This variation allows signs of different sizes to be mounted on the same visual plane.

ADA signage compliance does not apply when and if you are putting up signs for marketing reasons. Moreover, if you are putting up your company logo, then you do not have to worry about ADA compliance. However, it does apply in relation to restroom signs, room signs, stairwell signs, elevator signs.

ADA signs are required to help inform people on the functions of certain rooms or spaces. They are also necessary when you need to inform people about the accessibility of certain rooms in the building. This helps keep the people within your space safe.

We Can Help You With Your Sign Solutions

At G-FORCE Signs and Graphics in South Windsor, CT we can help businesses and building owners with their ADA compliance needs. We can help you make a statement or continue your brand within your building with custom ADA signs.  We can also help with all levels of signage needs such as: outdoor signs, indoor signs, banners, sandwich boards, flags, window graphics, vehicle graphics, and more.

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