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Does your building sign send a clear message to your clients and customers? Is your business easy to find? Is your brand image being displayed properly? If your building signage needs improvement it’s possible you are missing out on sales from your potential customers.

Well designed outdoor signage is one of the most beneficial tools when it comes to drawing attention from new clients and customers. Your company will benefit from the greater visibility and the reputation of your business brand. In contrast to this, having poor outdoor signage can have strong negative impacts on your business.

Investing in quality building signs is one of the best ways to attract positive attention for your company.

Effective Building Signs Will Benefit Your Business

Backlit building sign by GForce Signs

Businesses are often located in high-traffic or upscale areas.  This makes a positive first impression essential to the long-term success of your company brand. Building signs should be a major part of your business brand. A building sign using quality materials and proper placement will add a long-term benefit to your company and should be treated as the asset they are.

To ensure that your building signage will have long-term benefits for your company be mindful of the following:

Signage Regulations: When creating signage for your business, especially exterior signage, it is important to check the local signage regulations to ensure that your sign meets the guidelines that are in place in your area. This can include city/town regulations as well as regulations for the specific building you’re in.

Brand Consistency: One of the most important parts of identifying a company brand is consistency.  It is important that your building signage is making the same statement that your company is making elsewhere. Color consistency, fonts, imagery, and use of negative space all have an impact on the brand image.

Increase visibility: What’s the point of branding your building if no one can see it? Sign placement and illumination options are essential for building signs. Making your sign visible in all weather conditions will mean that your sign is advertising to you all day, every day. Working with your local regulations and your signage expert will help you to come up with the best possible solution to fit your business at that specific location.

Sign and Marketing Experience that Matters

G-FORCE Signs and Graphics is ready to put our years of experience to work for you. We have consistently provided industry relevant graphic design, signs and other advertising materials that are not only attractive; but will help get the attention of your customers as well. We have a full line of sign possibilities to meet all of your needs.

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