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Channel Letters in Avon CT

There are a number of ways that you can give your business an edge and boost business branding and customer reach. The most overlooked, yet; a most superior choice that is both unique and effective is through Channel Letter signage. With Channel Letter signs, you get to achieve three main advantages: brand image enhancement, customer attraction and the relay of information. 

South Windsor Channel LettersOf course, the above mentioned benefits are among many others that come with using these types of business signs. Channel Letter signs can inadvertently be categorized as building signs or outdoor signs, given where they are usually placed and their specific function. 

To define them, Channel Letter signs are three-dimensional and are LED illuminated, making them hard to miss, even from a distance. More often than not, they are placed on the front part of a building, in a way that maintains or enhances visibility.  Below are some of the benefits of choosing Channel Letter signs for your business. 


One winning factor about Channel Letter signs is that they are very cost-effective. This is in terms of Return On Investment (ROI). In other words, Channel Letter signs have the advantage of increasing brand recognition through repetitive impressions. 

You won’t have to pay over and over again to make repeat impression, saving you much more than you would if you opted for traditional marketing.


Any investment that costs any amount of money needs to be practical and functional. The practical aspect of these types of building signs is numerous. For instance, they are durable, which augment the fact that they are cost-effective.

Given where these business signs are often placed, they’ll have to be durable enough to handle harsh climatic conditions.  The LED lights are designed to last for a long time as well, thus increasing their efficiency and effectiveness in keeping the sign visible.  

Channel Letters in Manchester CT

Boosts Business Branding 

There’s a reason Channel Letter signs are favored when it comes to business signs. These types of signs are customizable, and you can have them designed to match your business theme. Always consider the font type and the color so as to communicate your business’s attitude and vision effectively. 

Easily Visible

Channel Letter signs are typically never small. They are created and designed to garner attention and keep it as long as possible. The letters are often large and illuminated by LED lighting, making it highly visible and eye-catching. This factor gives you the certainty that you’ve reached at least a good amount of people.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, Channel Letter signs fall into the category of outdoor signs. They are usually secured outside of buildings in a position that ensures visibility from both near and far distances. It lets others know that your business exists. 

Lighting OptionsChannel Letter Sign in South Windsor, CT

One of the great benefits to Channel Letter signs is their versatility in regards to lighting options. Choosing a different lighting options can create a completely different look for your business.  While exploring lighting options you may consider one of the following:

•  Front Lit Channel Letters – A traditional translucent face with internally front mounted LEDs. Durable aluminum is used in the construction of the rest of the letter.

•  Back Lit Channel Letters – Create a halo effect with rear mounted LEDs. Using this option allows you to paint the letters to accent your decor or carry your company brand with colors to match your brand identity.

•  Open Face Channel Letters – Though the name suggests otherwise, these markers do not actually have open faces. Instead, each letter has a clear acrylic face through which you can see the illumination source. After dark, this creates a distinguished appearance.

With the right application these elements can be combined to create a very unique look for your business.  As part of the process at G-Force Signs & Graphics, we discuss these options with you to determine what sign will be the best fit to express your brand identity. 

Channel Letters Done Right 

Channel Letter signs demand to be noticed. From their eye-catching LED lighting to their unique designs and placement, it would be difficult not to get attention. Their cost-effectiveness coupled with the efficiency makes them one of the best options for outdoor signage. Whether opening a new business or choosing a new sign for your existing business, a well planned Channel Letter sign is a great way to make your business brand stand out.

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