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Why Use Fleet Graphics in South Windsor CT?

Custom box truck graphics and box truck graphics in CT by G-Force Signs

Fleet graphics have come a long way since the days of standard black letters on the side of a white van. These days, with the number of messages bombarding consumers every hour of every day, you need to get creative if you want people to notice your branding. Thankfully, G-Force Signs & Graphics has seemingly endless options when it comes to fleet graphics in South Windsor CT. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Go Big with Wraps, most small businesses may not be able to afford a full vehicle wrap. However, those who can catch the eyes of every pedestrian, passenger, cyclist, driver, and anyone else they happen to cruise by on the Connecticut roads. We can also work with the colors of your cars to make partial wraps appear as if they are full vehicle wraps. Both of these options utilize top-quality vinyl specifically manufactured by 3M, Oracal, Avery Dennison, and other top names for use on vehicles.

Vinyl Decals Make Your Fleet Pop

Also referred to as spot graphics, vinyl decals are the perfect way to put your company’s logo on all of your cars, vans, trucks, and trailers. Using our cutting edge large format digital printer, we print your graphics in full color on vinyl adhesive films. High-resolution photos and images are popular options for spot graphics. They are also useful for highlighting your best-selling products and handiwork.

Vinyl Lettering Gets Your Message across truck lettering is the least expensive way to put your business’s name, web address, and phone number on your fleet of work vehicles. If you are just looking for something basic, there is an array of standard fonts, colors, and sizes. Or, we can custom print your numbers and letters to match the colors and typefaces you use on your other marketing materials to keep your branding consistent.

We have seen some fleet managers attempt to install their lettering on their own thinking that they can save a few bucks. To us, it is glaringly obvious when they do this: the letters are not aligned correctly and are already peeling. This only reflects poorly upon the company. Our experts have the experience and training required to make sure your lettering is lined up perfectly. Also, you could invalidate the warranty for your vinyl lettering if you do not have them installed professionally. You will save money in the long run by going with the experts.

Let Us Take Care of Everything your fleet consists of mismatched vehicles, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to boost your brand awareness. G-Force Signs & Graphics can help you fix this issue. We will come to you to check out your fleet and make recommendations. This includes replacing old lettering, adding fleet vehicle numbers and DOT numbers, creating graphics that match across the fleet, and more. Plus, we will keep your artwork on file to ensure we provide you with identical graphics in the future.

If you want to turn your fleet into an exceptional marketing tool, contact us today for a free consultation on fleet graphics in South Windsor CT.

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