Exterior Signs

High-quality exterior signs make your business stand out from the crowd.

One of the best first impressions your company can make is through the expert use of exterior signs. To make this first impression work FOR you, it needs to be both positive and lasting. Representing your company with high-quality exterior signage is a way to make this happen.

Choose the right signs that fit your company

Having so many signage options can be overwhelming. Among the most popular building signs styles are: Channel Letter Signs, Dimensional Letter Signs, Illuminated Lightbox Signs, Monument Signs, Post & Panel Signs, Window Graphics & Wraps, Interpretive Signs and Panel Signs. Each of these sign-styles have a strength that will work for you, when produced and properly placed and installed.

Make a statement with your Exterior Signs

If you want to impress your customers and visitors one of the best ways to do that is with high-quality, exterior signage. When professionally produced and installed, their size, location, colors, construction materials and lighting will all play a part in the overall look for your company and brand. A well-constructed, well-designed, and well-placed exterior sign is meant to make a lasting impression on your clients, visitors and those driving near your location.

Exterior Sign Basics

Channel Letter Signs

This type of sign can match Your company’s font, can incorporate a company logo and can be customized to match your business’s colors. We start by shaping the aluminum frames of the letters to match the typefaces you use in your other marketing materials. We then add acrylic faces to the “can” frames and install LED lighting for the illuminated channel letters. There are different styles depending on the look you are going for.

Dimensional Letter Signs

Also referred to as 3D letter or raised letter signs, dimensional letter signs can also be precisely fabricated to match your branding. The most popular substrate options for non-illuminated dimensional letters are acrylic and aluminum. There are a number of different configurations from both options ranging from ¼”, for flat cut acrylic or aluminum, up to several inches for cast or fabricated aluminum. Either option can be painted to match your company colors and can be custom fabricated to match your fonts and logos.

Lightbox Cabinet Signs

These illuminated signs will help consumers find your venue at all hours of the night and day when they are installed directly to the exterior of your building, when used as monument signs, or when mounted on top of poles. The cabinets feature an aluminum frame, and we translucent vinyl on the white acrylic or plexiglass “face” of the sign with whatever message you want. LED lights are used to illuminate your marker. We recommend LEDs to save money on electricity and maintenance costs.

Monument Signs

Monument Signs Come in Almost Any Shape or Size. The ideal way to direct clients to your facility and boost your brand awareness is with monument signs. These markers can be any size or shape that you want, and you can really create an eye-catching effect when you combine different materials. This type of sign often adds decorative elements like brick or stone work. Metal, concrete, and HDU monument signs are a popular alternative.

Post & Panel Signs

Post and Panel signs are different from other outdoor signs or business signs. These signs, other than simply providing useful information and advertising your business, do much more. They also improve business branding, provide direction and help in business identification among many others. Their versatility is what sets them apart from every other sign that a business can use. Post and Panel signs are commonly seen in commercial office complexes, hospitals, Universities, business parking lots and shopping plazas.

Window Graphics & Wraps

Window graphics can be used to add style to your location. When expertly planned and installed, your windows can make a visual statement, allow plenty of light inside and still retain visibility! Incorporating text and design elements will create a distinctive appearance that will be sure to get attention from potential clients that are passing by. If your company really wants to establish a high class look then premium materials can be used. Some of these can include real gold and silver which is something that can’t be imitated by other production methods.

Interpretive Signs

Interpretive Signs are a specialized type of sign that are intended for a captive audience. This generally contains much more information than standard signage since those viewing the sign have the time to soak in the content that is presented. These signs are typically used to share information about the location. This can include parks, historical sites, zoo or aquarium exhibits, or any location that could benefit from this type of sign. The final designs can include anything relevant to be displayed. For example: a historic site could display a timeline history of the building they are showcasing, a museum could show details about the exhibit on display, or a park could showcase a map of the area detailing points of interest.

Panel Signs

These are the simplest of exterior business signs. Available in numerous colors and materials, these signs are rugged and mount well to flat building exteriors. While “squared corners” are the most common style, these can be produced in a nearly endless variety of shapes and contours. Most frequently lit with overhead, exterior fixtures, these are a favorite in industrial locations and those that are well-lit by natural light

Working with Town Codes & Building Management

Permitting: When creating outdoor signage for your business be sure to contact your local planning and zoning representative to determine if there is any necessary permitting involved. This information can often be found in the local town zoning regulations. These documents can usually be found publicly online at the local website for the town in question.

Many situations in outdoor signage require permitting as part of the process for installation to ensure that the sign meets town regulations, failure to permit signs in these situations can result in fines or the town requiring you to remove the signage, which can be a costly mistake.

Zoning regulations can be confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terms and concepts involved for the fabrication process of the signage, and how to assemble the documents for permitting. Also, every town has their own zoning regulations, which can make it even more confusing. G-Force Signs & Graphics is familiar with the process for interpreting zoning regulations and the permitting process.

Permit Acquisition: This is one of the services that G-Force Signs & Graphics offers to help streamline the process for creating and installing exterior signage. We have extensive experience with zoning regulations in the areas we serve and creating the proper documentation for permitting.

Building Management: If your company is a tenant on a property with other businesses, then it’s possible that your local building management company has its own set of guidelines to follow for the property. This can vary from sign types, fonts, colors and lighting options. As part of your planning process it is important to check with the landlord to ensure that the sign you are installing meets their requirements as well.


One of the most powerful ways to develop your brand identity is to leverage business signs. Through the use of space, color, texture and lighting GForce Signs helps businesses and universities produce a positive impression on your public.

Exterior Sign Frequently Asked Questions

What makes these sign styles so unique?

In part, the simple physical space. Using that space to your advantage is one of the best reasons to contact the exterior sign professionals at GForce Signs & Graphics.

Are there options for Lighting?

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your sign at night is with lighting. Options include:

  • Internal illumination using translucent sign faces
  • Back-Lit where the letters contain rear facing LEDs to light the wall or panel behind the letters.
  • Overhead Lighting with fixtures mounted to the sign or building structure above the sign
  • Spot Light, secured at ground level and directed at your exterior signage.

How hard is it to recreate my Company Branding for an Exterior sign?

For the dedicated sign professionals at G-Force Signs & Graphics, it’s not a matter of difficulty, but quality. With so many years in the industry, or design, production and installation teams are expert at producing what client’s approve. In most cases the question is really what’s best for our client’s needs.

Whether your company is looking for building signs or free-standing signs, G-Force Signs & Graphics can help create the branding image that you’re looking for.