Printed Vinyl and Fabric Banners

Eye-catching temporary signage that can be seen from a distance.

Marketing strategies can use many different types of advertising. The specifics of the marketing strategy depend greatly on the target audience. Oftentimes a company’s marketing campaign involves exterior signs with high visibility. One of the best products to fit this need is the printable banner. Banners offer a great deal of flexibility in regards to content and placement. This allows clients to solve many signage needs with one simple product.

Banners are an ideal option for temporary signs viewed from a distance

The printable nature of the banner material means that the design used can incorporate anything from simple text, to full color photos. This allows more creative freedom when it comes to the content on the sign. This is a great option where things like design elements and imagery will help to portray the sign’s intended message.

Banners can also be produced to virtually any size. This translates to a product that can be used anywhere that it can be mounted. They can be used for short term applications such as a “Grand Opening” banner, or to advertise a current promotion.

Different types of banners can be used for different purposes. For example: mesh banners are great for use on chain link fences and are often used for sporting venues.

With the flexibility of options regarding size, placement, and content, banners are a great tool for any marketing campaign.

You are able to garner a lot of attention with the use of full-color, custom printed vinyl and fabric banners. Catch eyes and leave a lasting impression with high-resolution printed graphics used on buildings, installed on stages, or used as backdrops. Fortunately, G-Force Signs & Graphics has friendly experts who specialize in supplying printed vinyl and fabric banners for Connecticut. We often get requests for banners for the following purposes:

Marketing at Sporting Events

From football stadiums to golf courses to tennis courts, millions of potential customers attend sporting events in the region. When you market your company using printed banners featuring your branding, you can reach a diverse audience at an affordable cost.

Enhancing Trade Show Exhibits

For easy transport and set up, printed vinyl banners fit perfectly into retractable banner stands. Or, wherever you may be situated in a venue, you will grab the attention of attendees with hanging fabric banners.

Showing School Pride

Banners printed with the image of your mascot will increase the interest in your school and inspire pride.