Etched and Frosted Window Graphics

Etched and frosted vinyl can add a unique high-end look for your business.

If you’re looking to create an up-scale look for your company then the use of frosted vinyl is something you should consider. This vinyl has specific appearance that will add a sophisticated look to your location. With several options including; logos, design elements, reverse cut panels, partial coverage, and full coverage, there are many ways to incorporate frosted window vinyl into any decor.

Give Your Brand an Elegant Look Using Frosted Vinyl

If you’re looking to enhance your brand with the use of your window space then look no further than frosted vinyl. Using frosted vinyl to display your company logo on a lobby door or a glass partition is a great way to increase the visibility of your company without blocking off your window real-estate.

Frosted window vinyl can provide many ways to add to your building decor. There are many different design elements that can be incorporated with the many methods this vinyl can be incorporated.

Use Your Brand Identity to Add Privacy to Your Location

If you have an office or conference room with large windows and you have the need for some added privacy then frosted vinyl is the right choice for you. The translucent nature of frosted window vinyl allows for light to pass through while distorting the details of what’s on the opposite side of the vinyl. This makes frosted vinyl a great choice for adding partial or full coverage to windows where you would like to add privacy.

Your brand identity can be added to this privacy coverage as well. A company logo or other design elements can be reverse cut from the frosted vinyl allowing for you add to your company brand while simultaneously adding privacy.

Whether you run a mall store, spa, or an upscale bistro, nothing makes use of huge storefront windows quite as effectively as window graphics. Vinyl graphics are also useful in professional environments when applied to floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding conference rooms as well as other interior glass panes.

G-Force Signs & Graphics offers many options for Etched and Frosted Vinyl. Contact us today and we can discuss how to enhance the look of your office.

Here are some of the most popular Frosted Vinyl applications for interiors:


You create an intriguing display space for your enterprise’s logo, name, and other beautifying style elements when you apply etched vinyl to your office windows. This is also useful for lending a degree of privacy to your meeting rooms. Windows can simply be covered with the frosted window film, or design elements can be incorporated to further establish your company brand. If your company is not looking for full privacy, frosted films can be used as “distraction bars”. A design is created and applied to the windows near eye level to help pedestrians identify the windows as they navigate your office space. This is particularly helpful in areas that use full floor to ceiling windows.


Frosted window film gives an elegant look to your company entrance or interior doors. Your logo can be either cut from frosted film and applied to your glass, or you can opt for full coverage with a reverse cut logo. Design elements can also be included creating an upscale unique look customized for your brand.

Privacy Glass

Many offices use partitions, interior office windows, and doors that are floor to ceiling glass. While these windows create an open look to your floor plan they do not offer any sort of privacy. Privacy is important when handling clients and their information. Frosted window film can be used as a privacy film to prevent seeing details through the window without blocking out the window completely. This allows for light to transfer and still give an open feel to the office space, especially if the privacy film is applied only as a band in the center of the window. With the ability to customize your design this type of film can also be used to further enhance your brand in an office setting.