Etched and Frosted Window Graphics

Etched and frosted window graphics for businesses include frosted, cut glass, and sandblasted finish looks. This gives a sophisticated appearance to spas, corporate headquarters, restaurants, and medical offices. Here are some of the most popular applications for interiors:


You create an intriguing display space for your enterprise’s logo, name, and other beautifying style elements when you apply etched vinyl to half of your floor-to-ceiling windows. This is also useful for lending a degree of privacy to your meeting rooms.

Glass Partitions

You will boost your brand awareness when you install treated vinyl films on glass partitions that separate clients at your beauty salon or diners at your restaurants.


Decorative touches will improve the look of your plain glass doors. By adding geometric shapes, lines, and your organization’s name and logo, you will make your doors pop.


When you add an elegant etched glass look to your mirrors, you will underscore your interior design scheme. For instance, you can transform an ordinary factory mirror into a designer looking glass from an upscale boutique with just a little frosted vinyl.

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