Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your company and brand identity.

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Commercial vehicles with wraps or graphics leave a lasting first impression. You will easily remember vehicles that have graphics that stand out and look different. This is the purpose of advertising, to get your company noticed. First impressions matter, but a lasting first impression is what will be remembered. This is why commercial vehicle wraps are a potent marketing tool.

Commercial vehicle graphics offer many benefits for business advertising.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Establish Your Brand Identity

You need to get your name and branding in front of as many people as possible if you want to drive sales. This is because potential customers begin to trust you once they recognize your company’s logo and colors. Vehicle graphics are the best way to increase the exposure of your brand. Business branding is an important aspect of any business. Commercial vehicle graphics and wraps give a business-fleet its brand identity. The colors on the vehicle will always be associated to the product even when the colors are used in a different setting. This is because a vehicle wrap makes people more familiar with a brand. Vehicle graphics make a vehicle stand out from the rest. These vehicles become more noticeable and the more the people get to see them, the more rewarding your efforts are in building your brand identity.

Present Your Company With A Professional Appearance

Vehicle wraps and graphics help to give your company professional appearance. They give the perception that your business is large and well established in the market which is enticing to potential clients. It gives them a sort of confidence in the product even when they have never interacted previously with the product or the service. The larger the fleet of vehicles with commercial wraps the stronger the perception of professionalism and establishment.

Stand Out by Adding Design Elements To Your Vehicle

What do you do when you’re looking for something more elaborate than basic lettering but don’t want to commit to to the coverage of a vehicle wrap? Vehicle graphics could be the solution you are looking for.

Using imagery and graphic elements in addition to vehicle lettering a design can be created that makes a huge impact for your business. This is where creative ideas in design can make a big difference in the statement you’re trying to make with your vehicle.

High Value Marketing with Vehicle Branding

Commercial vehicle wraps and graphics offer high value marketing. Installing vehicle graphics on your company cars is first and, for most, very cost effective unlike billboards and advertisements that have recurring costs as long as you advertise. Secondly, adverts and billboards can only reach a certain number of audiences at a go. On the other hand, vehicle wraps are visible to anyone and everyone who comes across the company vehicle on the highway, the parking lot, the drive through or the garage.

Vehicle wraps give you high value marketing because you spend so little for a large audience unlike other marketing methods which would cost you so much for very little attention. We call this “cost per impression”. Due to the one time cost of vehicle wraps and graphics paired with their long term application they result in a low cost per impression over other forms of advertising.

Vehicle graphing gives you the best value for your marketing budget.

They are like a mobile billboard that you bring with you everywhere you go.

Conversation Starter for Direct Sales

It is easy for a potential customer to start a conversation with a sales person just by spotting a vehicle wrap. People are normally attracted by what they see. The first thought that comes to an individual who spots a vehicle wrap will be the need to engage with that company. A. potential client who comes across such wraps will be prompted to find out. more about the product. As a result, you are provided with an opportunity for them to engage you which gives you the opportunity to explain to them more about your product or service. Your vehicle wrap could start the conversation that converts a potential customer into an actual customer.

Increasingly more companies are embracing commercial vehicle wraps as an alternative marketing option. Investing in quality commercial vehicle wraps for your company is a decision you will not regret.

Vehicle Graphics Offer More Options For Design

Vehicle graphics are less limiting than basic vehicle lettering which offers benefits that can help your company make a statement. One of the major differences is the use of print media in addition to dyed vinyl. Print media can be used to achieve things that traditional dyed vinyl can’t. Print media allows for color transitions and combinations that either aren’t possible with cut media. This translates to the ability to incorporate more complex design elements.

Vehicle graphics are one of the best ways to make a visual impact on your clients and customers.

Adding and Changing Fleet Graphics

How Fleet graphics are best managed for the business owner (up to 5 at a time). If the client is planning on doing multiple vehicles up front then the best plan is to handle them at the same time. This is especially true if the vehicles are identical. It allows for a more efficient use of media and production processes. For example, 1 setup file and operating the equipment once vs 5 separate files and running the production process 5 separate times. Additionally it can be helpful for the clients if the installations can be done back to back. If we have a vehicle at the shop already, they only need to send 1 driver to drop off a new vehicle and pick up the one we just completed. This also means that the client is only down one vehicle at a time. Obviously this is dependent on the client’s needs and we work with each client to try to make the process as smooth as possible for them from start to finish.

The Power of Call Outs

In our opinion, Call Out or Call to Action designs on vehicles are are kept simple in regards to content. Signage is different from other forms of advertising. Signs often only have seconds to relay a message. For this reason, on vehicles the best practice is usually to keep the content to the essential information: who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. There are special exceptions where a design has a specific purpose that would make the inclusion of more information beneficial. However, for most situations too much information becomes distracting. Adding design elements for things like a wrap or a partial wrap most often does not include additional information. They include colorful graphics intended to grab your attention and bring your eye to something like their logo and phone number.

A Unique Look Will Help Your Company Stand Out

If you are looking to stand out and get noticed then vehicle wraps and graphics are a good place to start. There are many coverage options available so we can help you find something to fit your budget.

To see examples of the difference in the amount of coverage between vehicle lettering, spot graphics, partial wraps, and full wraps, check out the coverage graphics! Have questions? Contact us to discuss the options and pricing!

Did you know vehicle graphics lettering and wraps advertise 365 days a year, even when parked?

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Spot Graphics

Spot Graphics are an excellent alternative vs vehicle wraps for putting graphics and other images on your commercial van, truck, or car. We fabricate these graphics to be as large or as small as needed. This makes spot graphics perfect for highlighting your best-selling products, logo, or your handiwork.

Spot Graphics is often one of the most cost-effective ways to brand your vehicle. Many companies don’t budget for full or partial wraps on their vehicles. Others would simply prefer to brand their company with a more minimalistic look compared to wrap options. In either case, spot graphics can be the perfect fit for your budget and your business. Spot graphics can utilize  text, logos, and other graphic elements to brand your fleet of vehicles regardless of your fleet size.

Perforated Window Vinyl

When selecting perforated vinyl, you can cover your windows with your marketing message while still allowing your drivers to see out. Perforated window vinyl can be used independently to apply graphics to windows or can be used to carry design elements from the painted surfaces and across window surfaces. The most common place to utilize perforated window vinyl is on cargo vans. These vehicles often have side or back windows where maintaining visibility is  optimal.

While Perforated Window Vinyl can maintain visibility, there are compromises to using it compared to other vehicle media. This method utilizes holes in the media to allow for visibility through the vinyl graphic. The life expectancy of this type of media is considerably lower. There are added costs associated with the production of this type of media. Perforated Window graphics often appear more muted when compared to the media frequently used on painted surfaces. It’s best to weigh the pros and cons when making the decision for Perforated Window Film.

Vehicle Decals

Often used interchangeably with spot graphics, vehicle decals are a smart option when you do not want a full vehicle wrap. This can refer to photos, lettering, logos, and other design elements. The use of print media, pre-dyed cut media, and specialty films can be used depending on the design and finishes desired.