Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Make Your Business Stand Out with Vehicle Wraps.

Vehicle wraps are like a mobile billboard for your company. They offer the largest possible art board for the your company logo, contact information and imagery. Vehicle wraps are sure to leave a lasting impression for your business.

As you drive the roads of Connecticut, you have likely noticed that many companies are taking advantage of vehicle wraps to market and brand their enterprise at all hours of the day and night. Whether your business uses cars, vans, trucks, or even boats, you can bring your message with you wherever you roam with commercial vehicle wraps.

The Vehicle Wrap Advantage

The major difference between vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics or lettering is the amount of coverage on the vehicle. Covering more of the vehicle allows for more design options, and in some cases larger text, logos, images, etc.

Larger design elements will allow your vehicle to be more easily viewed from a distance or while its moving. This increased viability will help the visual impact that your vehicle makes to your clients and potential customers.

Make a Visual Impact to Leave a Lasting Impression

If you are looking to make a statement with your company vehicles then vehicle wraps are the way to go. The ability to change the background color and add imagery or design elements is a huge advantage for making your vehicle stand out. Whether you are incorporating company colors, adding elements from your company branding, or including a lifestyle image that supports your brand, you can be sure that your vehicle wrap is getting noticed.

Additional features wraps have to offer:

Marketing with Full Wraps

Full Coverage Wraps are designed to make the largest visual impact by using graphics to cover all visible surfaces on the vehicle. This type of sign will make use of all the available space the vehicle has to offer. The intention is to draw attention to your company through the use of color and design elements. A well-planned design will create a focal point with your logo and desired information. As with most signage, vehicle wraps have only a few seconds to deliver the essential information to viewers. While the entire surface of the vehicle is used as a canvas to market your company, the design is still often using minimal content so that the most important information is not lost in the design. Vehicle wraps must quickly communicate who you are, what you do, and how to contact you.

Advertising with Partial Wraps

Partial vehicle wraps are an excellent solution when you want to make a splash with a limited budget. These can vary in the amount of coverage but if done correctly will have the same visual impact as a full vehicle wrap. With the correct use of negative space and combination of spot graphics and wrapped areas your vehicle can draw the same attention of a full wrap with only part of the cost.

Spot Graphics

Spot graphics are a step up from simple lettering and incorporate additional graphic elements like logos, mascots, images, and strips or bands of colors. These are the best fit for those looking for a minimalistic look or with a limited budget. Spot graphics for vehicles can be tailored to maximize available space or fit to a specific budget making them an extremely versatile option for branding your vehicle.