Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters add a unique look for your business.

Office property management firms, building leasing companies, and apartment complex owners in Connecticut are increasingly turning to exterior dimensional letters to identify their facilities. This is because they make your venue look professional while catching the eyes of passersby.

Make Your Business Stand Out With a Unique Look

If you want to stand out you need to be different. Using dimensional letters to brand your location will create a distinctive appearance for your business. Additionally dimensional letters can be accented with lighting for an elegant look at night. With many finish options you have the option for something simple, like a formed plastic letter, to something more elaborate, like cast aluminum with a brushed finish on the face.

Choosing Dimensional Letters to Fit Your Budget

Dimensional letters offer a unique look that can help your business stand out. The choice of materials and finishes depends on the application, however there are many options that can fit a wide range of budgets. Some of these substrate options have pre-dyed standard colors, or can be painted a color of your choice, like Formed Plastic or Acrylic letters. Others require a painted finish, such as Aluminum or Sign Foam.

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Exterior dimensional letters are typically made from the following materials:

Fabricated Aluminum

Fabricated aluminum letters are one of the best options for making a large statement with your company logo. These letters can be fabricated to virtually any font and can be painted to match the colors identified in your branding guidelines. Metal letters can also be finished with a brushed or polished face to create an upscale look for your business. Fabricated letters can also be created using deep returns making the letters more prominent during the day and allowing them to create an elegant drop shadow using accent lighting at night. Also, company logos can be incorporated into the design allowing your company logo to be displayed as intended.

Flat Cut Aluminum

Flat cut aluminum letters offer the same finish options as fabricated aluminum with a lower price point. Often fabricated out of flat plates of ¼ inch aluminum, these signs can be given the appearance of depth with the use of stand-offs, or spacers that are used with the mounting studs. Flat cut aluminum will allow for a more upscale look at a more budget friendly price than fabricated aluminum.

Acrylic, PVC, or Formed Plastic

Acrylic, PVC, and formed plastic dimensional letters are the best way to get dimensional letters on a budget. There are many standard color options available allowing for a variety of color options without the cost of paint. However, if you have the need for a specific company colors these can also be painted to match your branding guidelines. The different types of letters have different appearances available so it’s a good idea to review samples when making your decision on which lettering option is best for your company. Acrylic, PVC, and Formed Plastic letters can also include shaped logos to make sure your logo is a complete match for your brand.