Lightbox Cabinet Signs

Be seen at night with an illuminated sign.

One of the major purposes for exterior signs is to brand your location. Labeling your building and/or entrance will allow your clients and customers to easily find your company. While there are many types of exterior signs, one of the most important elements of exterior signs is visibility at all times. At night the only way to be visible is with sign illumination.

There are many different illumination options available for exterior signs, but one of the most effective is with the use of interior lighting. Light box signs can often be the best or only option for internal lighting depending on the requirements of the project.

To state simply: light box signs are fabricated boxes that contain an array of LED modules mounted at the back of the box. The front of the box uses a translucent face with translucent vinyl applied to the face to allow the light to pass through and display the colors of the vinyl used.

Problem solving with light box signs

Oftentimes there is a limited space for signage. Sign requirements can be set by local zoning regulations or by property management. In some circumstances it can become impossible to create internally illuminated channel letters depending on the size, design, and complexity of a company logo. For example: if letters or design elements become too small they can become extremely difficult or impossible to fabricate and reach a size that would be impossible to fit the LED modules inside. In these cases most times the best solution is a light box sign.

Lighbox signs can be used for virtually any outdoor application

Light box signs are a versatile signage option. They are often used on buildings and various types of free-standing structures and can be fabricated to suit the project at hand. This sign type can also incorporate full color translucent prints that can include complex design elements or images.

With the various types of sign options available it can be hard to determine the best signage option for your project. G-Force Signs & Graphics can help you choose the right sign package to fit your needs.

In most cases light box signs can be the most affordable option for sign illumination due to their simpler fabrication process vs illuminated channel letter signs.

Popular lightbox cabinet sign solutions include:

Lightbox Building Signs

These signs are generally flush-mounted directly to your building and can be fabricated to custom sizes that will accommodate virtually any situation. A translucent lens is used along with translucent vinyl to create graphics that can be seen at night and vibrantly displaying your company logo. This is a lower cost option for creating an illuminated sign for your business vs illuminated channel letters. Light boxes can also be the better or only option depending on the building façade and the application.

Lightbox Cabinets in Monuments

Monument signs are typically found near the entrance or on a main road marking the location of the business. This type of sign can be mounted to a monument base of various different styles or be incorporated as a post & panel sign. This type of sign allows for a more budget friendly illuminated option vs illuminated dimensional letters or push through acrylic on these signs.

Tenant Signs

Many tenant signs are fabricated using a large lightbox cabinet that has dividers in the lens’s retainer system to create separate panels for tenants. This allows for an illuminated option increasing visibility for your tenants in dark lighting situations. These signs allow for custom sizes and can be adjusted to accommodate virtually any number of tenants.