Lightbox Cabinet Signs

If you have a small marketing budget, customers have a hard time finding your storefront, or the businesses around your enterprise block you out, you may want to consider lightbox cabinet signs. At G-Force Signs & Graphics, we have the skills to design, secure permits for, fabricate, and mount cabinet signs for organizations in Connecticut. Popular lightbox cabinet sign solutions include:

Cabinet Pole Signs

Pole cabinets are the way to go if you want customers to see you from far away or if your enterprise is situated near a freeway. The lightbox cabinet is installed on top of a tall pole. There are one-sided and two-sided varieties.

Lightbox Cabinets in Monuments

Monument signs are typically found near the entrance to a venue’s parking lot. When you add a lightbox cabinet to these markers, you can ensure that clients will find you both day and night.

Lightbox Building Signs

These signs are generally flush-mounted directly to your building. Your branding and sharp graphics are applied to the acrylic face of the cabinet to grab the attention of passersby.

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