Commercial Vehicle Lettering

Commercial vehicle lettering offers many options for fleet branding.

More and more entrepreneurs and fleet managers are turning to commercial vehicle lettering because it gives them the best return on investment for their advertising dollars. You reach more prospective clients at a lower cost per thousand impressions than radio, TV, or newspaper when you turn your work trucks, vans, or cars into billboards on wheels.

Displaying Vital Information with Commercial Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering offers allows for vehicle branding with a cost conscience budget in mind. Vehicle lettering can be very simple and include only the essential information the company requires such as: the company name, contact information like phone number and web site, and required DOT and license numbers. Often times vehicle lettering is limited to the vehicle doors and an area on the back; however, vehicle lettering can be scaled to accommodate available space on any vehicle.

Vehicle Lettering – Choosing The Right Option For You

Two of the main differences between commercial vehicle lettering and partial or full vehicle wraps is their simpler design, and media use. Vehicle lettering typically uses pre-dyed vinyl and avoids using print medias. Additionally design elements are generally limited to logos or other small accents. Also limited color range is selected, typically 1-2 colors. All of these choices help reduce costs to the client.

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We can help determine the what the best option is for you and your company.

This marketing tool is commonly used in the following industries:

HVAC, Construction, Networking, and Electrical Contractors

Use your vehicles like a mobile billboard in the areas you already serve. By branding your service vans and utility trucks your company will see an increase in the number of impressions in your service area, as well as an increase in brand recognition. Service vehicles are one of the best options for this type of marketing.

Transportation and Delivery Vehicles

Box trucks, which are commonly used to transport or deliver products, have one of the largest areas available to showcase company branding. This type of vehicle has a large flat available space that can be used to showcase imagery without restrictions from body lines and other obstructions found on service vans or trucks.

Sales Vehicles

Many companies use all or part of their vehicle fleet for sales and estimating purposes. There is no better place to advertise your company than on a sales vehicle. Your sales team can use their fleet of vehicles as one of their marketing tools to gain leads, increase impressions, and improve brand recognition for your company.