Directory and Wayfinding Signs

Improve the customer experience at your location with the correct signs.

Different signs serve different purposes. Some signs market your brand while others identify your location. After your clients and customers have already entered your building there can still be additional signage required to help them find where they are going. This is the purpose of directory and wayfinding signs.

Customize your Directory and Wayfinding signs to fit your location

Directory and wayfinding signs are very useful for helping people efficiently find the place they need to get to within your location. Having a directory list near your entrances will allow your clients and customers to find the proper location for their visit. Combine this with strategically placed wayfinding signs in the form of signs like door tags, hanging signs, or wall graphics while incorporating elements like brand colors and arrows and your clients will effortlessly find their way to the right place.

Depending on your location, directory and wayfinding signs can be fabricated out of materials that match the building decor, or they can incorporate elements from your company brand.

Custom directory and wayfinding signs will enhance your interior design and make it easy for clients, employees, and guests to find their way around your building or complex. At G-Force Signs & Graphics, we understand how important it is to have these signs in place. This is why we make sure your wayfinding signs fit flawlessly into your venue and your budget.

Popular wayfinding signs include:

Directional Arrow Signs

These markers typically list various features or suites within your building with arrows pointing the way. You might also consider using vinyl wall stripes which lead the way from your entrance to various departments or rooms.


If you operate a multi-story building, there are several directories you should consider, including main lobby directories, elevator lobby directories, upper floor lobby directories, and internal directories within a suite.


In addition to listing tenants or amenities within a venue along with their suite numbers, directories also often feature maps that show where you are in relation to where you want to be.

We can even customize your signage with your organization’s colors, fonts, and logo to boost your brand awareness.